Leak: Warzone Mobile Confirmed!

Warzone Mobile
Warzone on mobile, anyone? (Credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone is incredibly successful and supports crossplay between PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Call of Duty Mobile is also a huge success, so what could be more obvious than bringing Warzone to mobile? That's exactly what Activision has now indirectly confirmed with some job listings. Here is all the info on Warzone Mobile.

More than half a year ago, there were some first rumors that Warzone could also be released on mobile. Even then, a mere job listing was responsible for the rumor.

Call of Duty Mobile is incredibly successful and even hosts regular tournaments and world championships with professional teams. CoD: Mobile has also had its own Battle Royale mode for a while now, which works quite well. With the release and subsequent incredible success of Warzone, it was only a matter of time before Warzone got its own mobile version.

Is Warzone Mobile confirmed?

A post on Activision's LinkedIn seems to finally confirm Warzone Mobile.

Activision LinkedIn Warzone Mobile
In the meantime the post was slightly altered and doesn't contain Warzone anymore... (Credit: Activision via LinkedIn)

In the post, Activision Mobile is looking for new recruits for their team. It says the "teams are focused on Live Operations and content expansion across CoD Mobile and Warzone". Suspiciously, the same post is still available on LinkedIn, but Warzone has been removed.... I wonder what that could mean. Also, last September, the post disappeared quite suddenly after first outlets reported about a possible Warzone Mobile. Considering that Activision currently has over 50 job listings, mostly for mobile, it's hard to deny that they are working on a mobile version for Warzone.

The only question we still have is: Will Warzone Mobile come as a standalone title, or will it be integrated into Call of Duty Mobile? It would also be interesting to know if we will be able to take over our progress from PC or console to mobile, or if Warzone Mobile will even work cross-platform with existing consoles and PCs.

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