Minigun Helicopters Are Coming To Warzone In Season 4!

Mini–gunner on a Warzone helicopter.
Time to start throwing lead! | © Activision

Warzone Season 4 is launching this Thursday, June 17. The reveal trailer for the new season was shown for the first time last week during the Summer Game Fest on June 10. That trailer confirmed the return of miniguns on helicopters - we can only hope they aren't bugged, again. Details below.

Warzone Season 3 is almost over, and while we finish out the Battlepass, it's worth reflecting on what a good season we've had. But there's no time for that - this is Warzone, something new is always on the horizon. With Season 4 launching this Thursday, June 17, we already have new weapons, new places of interest, and new operators to look forward to in Warzone.

We've also learned from the reveal trailer that miniguns are returning to the helicopters. Every time they've previously been introduced, they've been quickly patched out. This is due to an invisibility glitch to the minigun helicopters in Warzone. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this is finally resolved.

Where Are The Minigun Helicopters In Warzone?

They should simply replace the current helicopters in Warzone. The one we saw in the reveal trailer was flying above the satellite crash–site coming to Farmland this Thursday. Check out the image below to see the minigun helicopter from the Season 4 reveal trailer:

Warzone Miniguns on Helicopters
You can see these will require a passenger to fire – probably a good thing | ©

When Are The Minigun Helicopters Coming To Warzone?

The minigun helicopters should be coming to Warzone on June 17, this Thursday, at the start of Warzone Season 4. They might be delayed until a midseason event, but this is less likely given they were showcased during the reveal trailer.

Well, that was all we've seen so far of the helicopters, but more news is sure to follow this week. Stick with EarlyGame, where we'll be covering all the new changes as they happen live.

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