The New Warzone Map: Release Date, Leaked Images, Gameplay & Size

Every new year means a new CoD, and these days, it also means a new Warzone map. So where is the new Warzone map set? When will it be released? And, how big will it be?

Modern Warfare 2 is likely to be one of the best-selling CoDs in the last five years, at least. But besides the campaign, the multiplayer, and the mysterious third-mode, we're also hyped for what this means for Warzone. A new map from Infinity Ward, the guys behind the OG Verdansk, will surely be a crowd-pleaser. Here's everything we know about it so far!

Release Date of 2022's New Warzone Map

On March 23, 2022 we got the new revision of Rebirth Island – Rebirth Reinforced. A bigger new BR Warzone map will be released approximately one month after the release of Modern Warfare II in late October 2022. So late November, but these things are almost always delayed by at least one week in Warzone, so the first week of December might be a more accurate prediction.

Everything We Know About The New Warzone Map

Below we will show you everything we know about the new Warzone map. We will keep updating this article as soon as we find new information. Everything we know so far about the new Warzone Map can be found after the current map changes.

Caldera Map Changes

With Season 4, Raven Software is once again introducing some major map changes on Caldera. They want to improve lines of sight and add more cover to open areas, as well as introduce some new mini POIs. This short video explains the most important changes:

The most noticeable are probably the changes to the vegetation. The developers have removed almost all bushes and dried up the rivers on the map. So you can finally see enemies better and the performance should also improve for some players. To still have enough cover, a few smaller POIs have been placed and, brace yourselves.... Storage is back!

New BR Warzone 2 Map

Whole Map Leaked

Here is a drawing of the map, including POIs, that leaker Tom Henderson provided the community on May 25:

Mw2 map
What do you think, better than Caldera? | © Activision

Shortly after this drawing was leaked, an industrious fan created a colored version of the map and shared it with us on Twitter. The finished map could look like this:

Colombia Confirmed

We can now confirm that the new map will be set in a fictional Colombian city. Many folks are claiming it's Medellín, but it's actually a fictional area based on Medellín (Activision don't want to get into any political trouble). You can see a picture of the area in the Modern Warfare 2 trailer:

Medillin Warzone Map
Would you like a South American Warzone map? | © Activision

Size of the New Warzone Map

The new Warzone map will almost certainly be a full-sized BR-map, about the size of Caldera and Verdansk. Although fear not, Rebirth fans, because a much-smaller map is expected to arrive midway through 2022. You can already catch a glimpse of a Rebirth size map that the Sledgehammer crew are working on thanks to this leak regarding the new Vanguard season.

Location of the New Warzone Map

The new Warzone map is most likely to take place in the locations that were most iconic to the original Modern Warfare 2 in 2009; suburban America or the Favelas of Brazil. Of these two, suburban America is likely to be the one they've chosen, as it offers a greater degree of variance in the map, and a better blend of natural and man-made terrain.

New Vehicles for the New Warzone Map

Each big Warzone map has brought new vehicles, and we'll likely see the same thing again, but we don't know what these vehicles are yet. Verdansk already covered most of the main vehicle types, but some more domestic vehicle types would be a good guess. A sports car is quite likely simply because they could sell so many cosmetics for it.

Places of Interest on the New Warzone Map

We don't yet know any of the places of interest in the new Warzone map. The only thing we would hazard a guess at is the position of these POIs. In Verdansk they were all connected, but in Caldera, they feel weirdly separated from one another. It's likely we'll see a return to a more connected map design.

New Rebirth-sized Map for Warzone 2

According to our favorite leaker Tom Henderson, a second map for Warzone 2 is already in development, which will be about the size of Rebirth Island. However, this second map will be released after the launch of Warzone 2.

If Warzone 2 follows a similar schedule as Warzone, we expect the second, smaller map to be released in late 2023.

Will Caldera Be Removed?

Yes, Caldera will almost certainly be removed, as Verdansk was. This is in part just to get people to play the new content, but more than anything, it just makes practical sense because these maps are so huge (200 GB at least). Until then, why not make the most of having Caldera in your game: