The New Warzone 2 Map: Al Mazrah | Release Date, Images, Gameplay & Size

Every new year means a new CoD, and these days, it also means a new Warzone map. Although this year we're also getting a whole new Warzone to play it on, but in this article we're just going to focus on the map. So where is the new Warzone map set? When will it be released?

Al Mazrah
The Warzone 2.0 map will be set in a fictional area of the Middle East called "Al Mazrah". | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 is likely to be one of the best-selling CoDs in the last five years, at least. But besides the campaign, the multiplayer, and the DMZ, we're also hyped for what this means for Warzone. A new map from Infinity Ward, the guys behind the OG Verdansk, will surely be a crowd-pleaser. Here's everything we know about it so far!

Release Date of 2022's New Warzone Map

The new Warzone map, Al Mazrah, will launch with Warzone 2.0 on Wednesday, November 16. So only two weeks after Modern Warfare 2's launch, which is great news for those who felt we were waiting too long for integration the last couple of years.

New Warzone Map: First Look

Here is the map for you:

Al Mazrah
This is Al Mazrah. | © Activision

It looks fantastic.

Everything We Know About The New Warzone Map

We go into detail on your key questions below, but here are some of the smaller highlights we were told about during Call of Duty Next:

  • There will now be multiple circles opening up during the end-game.
  • Neutral AI will populate the map.
  • Gulag 2.0 will be a 2v2 experience, and there's going to be an AI boss called the "Jailer" in the Gulag with you.
  • New social features will be introduced.

Sound good? Then let's get into details.

Size of the New Al Mazrah Warzone Map

Al Mazrah will almost certainly be a full-sized BR-map, about the size of Caldera and Verdansk. Although fear not, Rebirth fans, because a much-smaller map is expected to arrive midway through 2023.

Check out some of the new mechanics we'll be exploring Al Mazrah with:

Location of the New Al Mazrah Warzone Map

The new Warzone map is going to be located in a fictional country in the Middle East. So expect desert camos, sprawling bazaars and a desert oasis.

New Vehicles for the New Al Mazrah Warzone Map

Each big Warzone map has brought new vehicles, and we'll likely see the same thing again, but so far we can only confirm Chinooks and boats. Verdansk already covered most of the main vehicle types, but some more domestic vehicle types would be a good guess. A sports car is quite likely simply because they could sell so many cosmetics for it.

Places of Interest on the New Al Mazrah Warzone Map

We don't yet know any of the places of interest in the new Warzone map. The only thing we would hazard a guess at is the position of these POIs. In Verdansk they were all connected, but in Caldera, they feel weirdly separated from one another. It's likely we'll see a return to a more connected map design.

Will There Be A New Rebirth-sized Map For Warzone 2

According to our favorite leaker Tom Henderson, a second map for Warzone 2 is already in development, which will be about the size of Rebirth Island. However, this second map will be released after the launch of Warzone 2. This has also been confirmed by another leaker recently:

If Warzone 2 follows a similar schedule as Warzone, we expect the second, smaller map to be released in mid 2023.

Will Caldera Be Removed?

Yes, Caldera will almost certainly be removed, as Verdansk was. This is in part just to get people to play the new content, but more than anything, it just makes practical sense because these maps are so huge (200 GB at least). Until then, why not make the most of having Caldera in your game: