New Warzone Verdansk '84 Map Released: New POIs, Locations & More

warzone verdansk '84 released
Warzone's new Verdansk '84 Map is finally here, and we're lovin' it! (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Season 3 is here, the Nuke Event is over, and Verdansk '84 has finally been released. This new 1980's themed version of Verdansk has a bunch of new stuff, so we're going to take a look at it. Here is the new Warzone Verdansk '84 map, its new POIs, locations, and more.

Holy cow with a Nuke Event sized handbag, that was an interesting few hours. Well, the Warzone Nuke Event happened and was kind of cool, but did the Nuke itself really mean anything? Why are we back in time? Well, we have none of those answers for you, but we do have the new Warzone Verdansk '84 map, and we're here to break it all down!

Oh, and we have been covering the Nuke Event live, so if you want a recap of everything that has happened so far, check out our live article. In addition, check out the Patch Notes for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3, to stay totally up to date!

What's in the New Verdansk '84 Map?

  • 7 lew POIs
  • 5 locations have been fully revamped to meet the 1980s theme.
  • Everything is now 1980s themed, and set in springtime.

There is just so much new stuff in Verdansk '84 that there is no way that we can cover it properly in this article. Let's go through it step by step, and take a look at each new thing individually. First, though, check out the new trailer for Warzone's Verdansk '84.

Oh, and the Raven Software Creative Director said that the original Verdansk map is "Gone and Never Coming Back". Fun.

New Locations & POIs in Verdansk '84

  • Old Mine is a new POI in the North West Section of the map.
  • Gora Dam has been replaced by Gora Summit, a revamped version of a classic Call of Duty map.
  • The Quarry is now the Salt Mines.
  • Standoff has now replaced Farmland.
  • Promenade has been updated, with new areas.
  • Downtown has been made less dense, reducing camping.
  • The interior of the tower in Downtown is now accessible.
  • The Airport has been 1980'd.
  • There is a new Aeroplane Factory, located near the Superstore.
  • The Grid Array has new accessible buildings, and even an Array Tower.
  • The Stadium has been changed once again, and it now looks insanely 1980s. In the best way possible. Though, we still don't see any football games happening here for a while.
  • Superstore has been revamped, it's now a supermarket from the 80s, get it?

We will continue to update this article, amongst others, to provide you with continued support and coverage of the Warzone Season 3 Nuke Event, as well as all the new content, locations, and POIs in Verdansk '84. As more is discovered, we'll be right here!

What is the New Gulag in Warzone Season 3?

The new Gulag has now become the main street of Standoff. It works pretty well, to be honest, and we do love Standoff! We can't say that the New Gulag is anything particularly "New", but like everything in Warzone's Verdansk '84: it ain't original, but it is fun!

Well, there you have it. Verdansk '84 is finally here and... it's just OG Verdansk with a different coat of pain. Don't get us wrong, it's cool as hell, but nothing as exciting as we were hoping. The changes are well-implemented, and there are some really cool new spots to check out in Verdansk '84, but we are yet to truly discover the mysteries of this new map. Only time will tell, but for now, this is more than enough to be getting on with: get playing!


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