All New Weapons, Perks & Equipment In Vanguard / Warzone Season 1

Each new season also brings new weapons. We introduce you to all new weapons, perks and equipment in Vanguard and Warzone.

Vanguard new weapons
The new season brings new weapons to Vanguard and Warzone. | © Activision

As known from previous years, Vanguard, and thus also Warzone, will get a few new weapons every season. Somehow you have to keep the hardcore grinders in line and expand the arsenal. With the start of Vanguard Season 1 and the integration of all content into Warzone, there are new weapons as ever.

In contrast to the previous season, however, we're getting 2 perks and a new grenade, as well as the 5 weapons! Here you can find out how to get all the hardware and whether it's any good.

New Weapons in Vanguard & Warzone Season 1

Season 1 brings us 5 new weapons. Three of them are new rifles, while two more add to our arsenal of melee weapons.

Cooper Carbine

Cooper carbine
The Cooper Carbine is a new assault rifle. | © Activision

The Cooper Carbine is a new assault rifle that is described as being easy to control with a high rate of fire. It can best be compared with the popular Automaton. In comparison, the Cooper has a little less range and more recoil, but higher damage per bullet and a larger magazine. With the right attachments you can bring the rate of fire to over 1000 RPM and the magazine to 60 rounds. Meta-potential with this puppy.

The Cooper Carbine will be unlocked at level 15 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle

Gorenko Anti Tank Rifle
The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle looks fierce. | © Activision

The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle is a sniper and is supposed to hit it pretty hard. The semi-automatic weapon has the highest damage per shot of all weapons in Vanguard - one-shots in multiplayer are guaranteed. The recoil should, however, be correspondingly high, which makes it difficult to land follow-up shots. With the right attachments, the recoil can be better controlled and the rate of fire should also be possible to achieve for those whop favor an aggressive sniper loadout. In Warzone, the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle could even become the new long-range meta ...

The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle will be unlocked at level 31 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.


Welgun Vanguard
The Welgun is a new SMG that will be added over the course of the season. | © Activision

The Welgun is a new submachine gun in Vanguard that only existed as a prototype. It's said to be most comparable to the Sten. So it will be a very compact but fast MP that is easy to control thanks to the integrated fore grip.

The Welgun can be unlocked later in the season via a challenge or a bundle in the shop.


Primitive, but cool. | © Activision
The Sawtooth is a melee weapon that comes into play with Season 1. It's like a stick of wood with shark teeth dug into it, and we think it looks pretty nasty. Besides the FS Fighting Knife, it will also be the only melee weapon in Vanguard in the secondary slot.

The Sawtooth will be unlocked at level 37 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.


Katana vanguard
Become the Samurai. | © Activision

I don't think we have to explain what a Katana is anymore. A cool, sharp Japanese sword! Like the Sawtooth, it falls into the secondary slot, but cannot be earned via the Battle Pass. Unfortunately, if you want to slice opponents with the Katana, you have to be patient.

The Katana will be unlocked over the course of the season via a challenge or by purcahsing a bundle in the shop.

New Perks & Equipment in Vanguard & Warzone Season 1

For the first time, in Vanguard Season 1 there will not only be new weapons, but also two new perks and a brand-new grenade.


The new Serpentine Perk is for the first slot and reduces damage while sprinting. Normal sprinting slightly reduces damage from gunfire and explosions, while tactical sprinting can reduce damage by over a quarter.

The Serpentine Perk will be unlocked at level 21 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.


The new intuition perk can be found in slot 2 and makes your field of vision pulsate when an opponent is nearby (even through walls). The perk behaves similarly to the already known High Alert Perk from earlier titles, but has a shorter range.

The Intuition Perk is unlocked at level 44 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Special Incendiary Grenade

The new Special Incendiary Grenade envelops a small area in white smoke and burns everyone who approaches. The clip above shows what the new grenade looks like in action, and we're almost certain that it will replace the popular Thermite in the future.

The Special Incendiary Grenade will be unlocked at level 39 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

That was all the new weapons, perks and equipment that await us in Vanguard and Warzone Season 1. For the individual weapons, we will of course deliver our best loadouts again in a timely manner, so stay tuned.