Zombies Hotline Opened By Call of Duty, Announcement Implies Continuation Of BOCW Story

Call of Duty have publicly shared a phone number that fans can message for info about the new Zombies' mode coming in MW3. Their announcement of this new Zombies hotline heavily implies the return of Adler, and also therefore, the continuation of the Black Ops Cold War story.

New Zombies Hotline Opened By Call of Duty
Want to know more about Zombies in MW3? Message this number. | © Activision

Right, first thing's first, add this number and start messaging it if you're interested in Zombies (you can use Whatsapp if you're not in the US):

  • +12029183022

The number is operated by Call of Duty, and they're using it to give away little hints and teasers about the new Zombies' mode coming with Modern Warfare 3. We think it's a really cool idea, and hopefully over the next few weeks we get something truly revealing from the hotline.

But even more interestingly than the hotline itself was Call of Duty's announcement for it. They used a very specific phrase, which seems to imply the return of Adler from BOCW.

Excited by the changes coming with MW3? Here's a link to buy it on Xbox, although we advise getting it on PS5 if you have both consoles because the first weekend of the MW3 beta is a PlayStation exclusive.

Announcement For Zombies Hotline Implies Return Of Adler

In announcing the new MW3 Zombies hotline, the Call of Duty Twitter channel used the phrase: "we have a job to do", which is an iconic quote from a Black Ops Cold War protagonist called Adler. Special Officer Russell Adler was also featured heavily in BOCW's "Dark Aether" story for Zombies, which is leading many to believe that MW3's Zombies mode will bring back Adler and continue the Dark Aether story:

We know that Treyarch are doing the Zombies for this game, and so this development seems plausible. But we're less certain about how well the Dark Aether story will work in the open-world version of Zombies we're getting with MW3. All we can do is cross our fingers and wait.

If you get something interesting out of the hotline, please let us know!

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