What Does Overwolf Do In Warzone And Is It Safe?

Overwolf Warzone
A lot of people are worried after all the recent ban waves... | © Activision Blizzard & Overwolf

Overwolf is an in-game stats tracker for Warzone, to know both you're own stats, and the stats of players in the lobby. You've probably seen it in a stream before, but with all the recent ban waves, a lot of players are wondering how safe it is to use Overwolf; will it be detected by the anti-cheat and get you banned?

Want to keep an eye on the stats in your lobby? It's a good way to explain away defeats...that pesky SBMM grrrr. But seriously, if you're a roze-skin-wearing, meta-chasing sweat then this is a great tool. It's not hugely complex but it's convenient.

What Is Overwolf? And How Does Overwolf Work In Warzone?

Overwolf is a company that makes add-ons for games, and in the case of Warzone, they make a stats tracker that can be used in-game. Or rather, they allow the stats tracker networks' data to be available in-game via the Overwolf app. So you don't need a second laptop open to check stats mid-game. This is only worth it to a small percentage of the player base, but for those that like tracking stats, it's a must.

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Will Using Overwolf Get You Banned?

With a recent ban wave of over 50,000 accounts, many of you might naturally be questioning how legit Overwolf is, and whether it can get you banned. Well, we're pleased to tell you that, thankfully, Overwolf has been explicitly greenlit by Activision Blizzard. In April, the application was blocked by Call of Duty's anti-cheat, but since then, the company has been in talks with the publishers. And in a recent update on June 9 they were able to confirm that:

First, we’d like you all to know that the senior folks at Activision and Raven have been VERY community focused, welcoming, and fast with their response. To resume support, we had to make some technical adjustments. The dev team at Overwolf has made tremendous efforts, and once a technical solution was found, we got the green light to resume support for the game.

That's great news all around, so don't worry - go forth and use Overwolf without fear.

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