Roze Skin Gets Another Nerf in Warzone Season 4

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The Roze Skin has got another nerf in Warzone Season 4. Did it work? | © Activision

The Roze Skin has been nerfed again in Warzone Season 4. The operator skin is so dark that it becomes hard to see, and a major problem in Warzone. The Roze Skin has now been nerfed in Warzone Season 4, but will it fix the problem?

Everyone knows the Roze Skin in Warzone. Everyone knows that if you want to be invisible, but don't want to exploit an invisibility glitch, all you need to do is don this incredibly dark and hard-to-see outfit. The Roze Operator Skin is one of the most annoying and exploitable items in the game, and it has been nerfed once again. That's right: the Roze skin has been nerfed in Warzone Season 4. Will it work, though?

Well, before we answer all your questions, are you all caught up on Warzone Season 4? Yes? Well keep bloody reading. No? Well, here are a few articles to get you all up to date!

Roze Skin Nerfed in Warzone Season 4

The Roze Skin has been nerfed in the Warzone Season 4 update, as revealed in the new season's patch notes. It seems that there has been another change to the Roze skin, which has updated the skin's textures to increase its visibility. Warzone Patch 1.38 has made a bunch of pretty major changes in Warzone, even apart from the abundance of awesome new content and POIs in Season 4. This is just one of several major nerfs and bug fixes that have been implemented.

Will the Roze Skin Nerf in Warzone Season 4 Work?

We don't know if the Roze Skin nerf in Warzone Season 4 will really work, but so far it seems to have made a little bit of a difference. To be honest, we haven't seen a huge number of Roze Skin's since Season 4 started in Warzone – as of writing, it only launched a few hours ago – and that could be either because there are not so many players using the Roze Skin, or it could be because they are just... so... invisible! Look, the Roze Skin is insanely OP, and should probably be removed from the game if it were possible.

Sadly, since the Roze Skin is a piece of paid content, they can't really remove it without refunding a bunch of people. What they can do is nerf it, and they sure have nerfed it a bunch of times. We are hoping this Warzone Season 4 Roze Skin nerf will resolve the issue for good, but only time will tell.

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