Warzone Streamer Caught Cheating In $75k Twitch Rivals Tourney

Twitch Rivals Warzone Cheating
Is this the face of a man who would cheat his way to 75k? | © Activision Blizzard & DavskaR's Twitch

The Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament is one of the biggest in the calendar, with a prize pool of $75,000. During the EU event yesterday a Czech streamer was accused of cheating by multiple players, including some very big names. We've got all the details right here.

Cheating is a well-known issue in Warzone, in fact, it could fairly be described as an epidemic. Almost every other PC lobby seems to be plagued by an aimbotter, which has pushed the community into a tense atmosphere of distrust, where every good play is accused of being 'sus'. Pro-players and streamers were previously free from these accusations, but now they too are subject to scrutiny. Perhaps, though, this is justified. Because a certain Czech streamer was seen making some very suspicious plays at yesterday's Twitch Rivals tourney...

The Twitch Rivals Cheating Scandal

The Twitch Rivals tournament is a private lobby filled with (supposedly) the strongest players on the platform. During the EU event yesterday, a Czech streamer called DavskaR was seen making some really strong plays. Like, really strong. Suspiciously strong:

So naturally, viewers began informing the players, who themselves began to report to the admins. Midgame this was unfortunately rejected, at least at first, by the game's admin. As Fifakill put it:

Luckily, Twitch did eventually recognize the problem and removed the player. He's also had his channel removed from Twitch, so you can no longer analyze his older footage. But, at least he was caught.

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Who Won The Warzone Twitch Rivals Tournament?

Not DavskaR thankfully. The winners of Warzone's Twitch Rival showdown were zt_dr3w & PrxdigzEU_. So many congratulations to them on a fantastic – and more importantly – legitimate win.

Cheating in a public tourney like that has got to be a new low. Unfortunately, though, cheating is inevitably set to continue while the game remains free-to-play and available on PC. Perhaps crossplay should be scrapped altogether.

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