Will Treyarch Work Exclusively on Zombies in CoD: Vanguard?

Treyarch Co D Zombies
With the Aether Story and Outbreak, Treyarch show what they can do with Zombies. | © Activision

Warzone Season 5 has just begun, and is set to be the platform for CoD: Vanguard's reveal. The CoD: Vanguard Zombies Mode is being developed by Treyarch, as well as the game's main-line developer, Sledgehammer Games. Initial rumors suggest that Treyarch could be primarily responsible for all Zombies modes in future Call of Duty games. Will Treyarch work exclusively on Zombies in Call of Duty?

We still haven't heard a whole lot from Sledgehammer Games regarding Call of Duty 2021 – dubbed Call of Duty: Vanguard – yet Twitter is buzzing with leaks. We already have the first pictures, the game's reveal date, and estimates on when and how the beta will work. Now, we have something just as big: Treyarch is working on Zombies in CoD: Vanguard... according to the leaks, that is.

Before we dive even deeper into this-here mystery, here's what we know so-far about CoD: Vanguard:

Treyarch Developing CoD: Vanguard's Zombies Mode

Treyarch is taking lead on Call of Duty: Vanguard's Zombies Mode, despite the fact that Vanguard is Sledgehammer Games' baby. Raven Software is currently working exclusively on Warzone, and is therefore also responsible for integrating Vanguard into Warzone, so it makes sense that Treyarch would take lead on Zombies – especially considering the success of BOCW Zombies. Not only will Treyarch develop CoD: Vanguard's Zombies mode, but they will continue the Aether storyline. Tom Henderson stated on Twitter that they did all the development for Zombies, but were not involved in Vanguard's campaign or multiplayer:

Will Treyarch Develop Zombies Exclusively in the Future?

Despite it becoming increasingly likely, it is unknown whether Treyarch will exclusively develop Zombies in the future. Tom Henderson, however, expressed the opinion that Treyarch could take over the development of all Zombies Modes in the future, and that opinion certainly seems to have merit. It is becoming increasingly clear that Black Ops Cold War has one of the strongest Zombies entries in the series, despite the games numerous other shortcomings. Outbreak in particular, is a really high-quality introduction, and just a lot of fun.

Let's all be real: Black Ops Cold War sucked more than modern Pop Music. It sucked more than Imagine Dragons, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande combined. In case you didn't realize (or have an awful taste in music), that's a pretty bloody devastating thing to say. In the same way that modern Pop Music seems to have forgotten how to use real instruments, Treyarch had clearly forgotten how to develop a good [non-racist] campaign, and Multiplayer worthy of the series. This might all seem a little harsh, but we will throw them a bone: Treyarch develops a very good Zombies mode.

Traditionally, Call of Duty studios are responsible for their respective Call of Duty games. Infinity Ward develops Modern Warfare, Treyarch develops Black Ops, and so on. Seeing as Treyarch have seriously failed on the campaign-front for their last three games, it is only natural that we could see them taking a more back-seat role, and developing Call of Duty Zombies in the same way that Raven Software focuses exclusively on Warzone. Look, nothing is confirmed, but it would make sense, and the series would be better for it.

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