CoD Vanguard: Map Guide for Tuscan

This beautiful Tuscan Town is under threat in this fantastic Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer map. Here is our map guide, including a few tips and tricks to get you started...
Vanguard Maps Tuscan
Tuscan is set in the ruins of a beautiful Italian town. | © Activision

Tuscan is a medium-sized multiplayer map that released with Call of Duty: Vanguard's launch on November 5. It was originally designed for 6v6 matches in standard multiplayer modes, though it is also available at multiple combat pacing's. Set in a gorgeous Tuscan town, assumedly in central Italy, it is one of the more visually impressive medium-sized maps in Vanguard. In fact, we would even go as far to say that this is potentially the prettiest and most visually interesting map in the game. Here's the map description:

Within the hills of Tuscany, the Axis attempt to burn what they cannot defend from the Axis: a small town sitting on crucial ground for advancement. This medium-sized map features a mix of interior combat among Roman ruins and various buildings.

So the first thing to note is that the map's description has clearly been written by someone who has no clue about history nor Italy. These are not Roman ruins, this is a Tuscan town, and it looks like it is probably from the middle-ages stretching probably towards the beginning of the Renaissance. Now, that doesn't mean that there couldn't be any Roman Ruins in such a place, but there are none in this particular map. All that being so, it's still one of the best maps in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Here is our Tuscan Map Guide!

Vanguard Tuscan Map Guide: The Map

Tuscan brings you to the intense and narrow streets of a town in Tuscany, perhaps something like San Gimignano or Siena. It's an intense and medium-sized three-laner and has a reasonable amount of symmetry to it, though all the streets have slightly different layouts. It is a relatively flat map, which tricks you into a sense of scale via its tall buildings and rooftop sections. It is a bit of a shame that they didn't take advantage of the setting a bit more, but only to be expected from a bunch of Yankee businessmen. Check out the Tuscan Mini-map:

Vanguard Tuscan Minimap
Check out Call of Duty: Vanguard's Tuscan Mini-map. | © Activision

Vanguard Tuscan Map Guide: Gameplay Overview & Tactics

Tuscan plays very well, if you're looking for short close-quarters engagements, and are not looking for wider spaces. This particular map certainly features a very short time to kill, as the nature of these alleyways is that the first one to see an opponent is generally going to succeed in that encounter. Our biggest problem is the potential that is squandered by the honestly stunning town itself, as well as its incredible backdrop. Tuscan is possibly the best looking multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Vanguard!

Now, keep in mind that the majority of buildings in Tuscan cannot be entered, and that this map features some of the most laughably bad destruction in the game. The map would work a lot better as more of a ground-war sized map, and certainly works better in objective-based game modes where you are not just running around like a headless chook. It's a pretty classy map, and one you should definitely check out.

Check out our gameplay first impressions of Call of Duty: Vanguard's Tuscan Map:

Tuscan requires a bit more of an assault-style class setup. We would recommend opting for a loadout that features an Assault Rifle or an SMG, as well as something with a bit more oomph for the (albeit, very limited) indoor areas. Lethals are also great to optimize the destruction you wreak upon the town's streets, and be sure to stick to the sides of the laneways as many of these streets can end up being sort-of camping tunnels that are very hard to deal with. Overall, we think Tuscan is a very solid, if somewhat flawed, Call of Duty: Vanguard map.