Warzone Season 4: Uplink Station Locations

Uplink Sites
These are the stations – they don't draw attention to themselves, so keep your eyes peeled and listen carefully; they make a beeping sound | © Activision

These are the new activities dotted around Verdansk - they're called Uplink Stations. They're easy to capture, and when you do, loot comes crashing down from the skies. So, here are all known locations of the Uplink Stations in Warzone Season 4.

To celebrate the launch of Warzone Season 4, a 'Ground Fall' event was announced. There are the usual cosmetics and challenges you would expect from an event, and even four new POIs on the map; crash sites where the Satellite from the reveal trailer landed. But also, and far more rewarding, they introduced new activities on the map called Uplink Stations. The community quickly realized that capturing an Uplink Station is the meta opening play during Warzone Ground Fall. Why? Because they pay out a huge reward for very little work, it's that simple. Here's a quick demonstration of how easy and rewarding Uplink Stations are to capture:

As you saw, that was short work for a single player, and the result was a loadout within the first couple minutes of play. The problem is finding these stations. It's not like there are hundreds, and while they do make a beeping noise, you have to be fairly close to hear it. So to help our readers out, we've put together a map of all known locations.

All Uplink Station Locations In Warzone

Here's our map of all known Uplink Stations in Verdansk 84:

Known Uplink Stations
Some of these are fairly safe to capture too, only one or two are really open | © Activision Blizzard


  • The Uplink Stations randomly spawn at these locations. We've found they generally have a 1/3 chance of spawning in each location - so you need to get lucky or check on two sites to make sure your squad gets one.
  • These are all the currently known locations, but we are regularly updating the map whenever new information becomes available.

Like keeping up to speed with all things Season 4? So do we, here's a few of the new additions in case you missed anything:

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