CoD: Vanguard Atomic Camo Glitch gives you the Atomic Camo

Less than a week after the release of Vanguard and players have already found an exploit that allows them to equip the coveted Atomic skin from the get-go. How does the Atomic camo glitch work in CoD: Vanguard?
Vanguard Atomic Camo Glitch
We don't even like this skin, to be honest... | © Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard hasn't even been out a full week. Nevertheless, the sweatiest players are already leveling prestige and the annual camo grind has begun. As usual, there's a bunch of different camos to unlock for each weapon. The most popular of these camo types is of course Mastery - Gold, Diamond and Atomic.

Why are the Mastery camos so popular? Quite simply, they look cool and show that you have absolutely no life outside of Call of Duty. However, there is now a glitch that will allow us to equip the Atomic camo without any grind ...

How Does The Vanguard Atomic Camo Glitch Work?

The Vanguard Atomic camo glitch allows players to equip the Atomic camo whether it's been unlocked or not. The camo isn't actually unlocked, unfortunately, only equipped. This means your weapon will show the Atomic camo in-game, but it will remain locked in the camo menu. The crazy thing is that this glitch doesn't require anything other than a PC. No complicated setups, you don't need any luck, just a few inputs with the mouse and controller.

Since we don't want to further spread the use of exploits and glitches, we're not going to go into the exact procedure here. If you really want to get this camo ahead of the grind, you'll surely find instructions on YouTube ...

How Do You Unlock The Atomic Camo?

If you want to unlock the Atomic camo in the normal way, you have to invest a lot of time. For the Gold camo, all common camos of the weapon must be unlocked. For the Diamond camo, all Gold camos must be unlocked for all weapons in a weapon category (e.g. assault rifles). For the Atomic camo, the Diamond camo must be unlocked for all weapons in the game. So if you want to reach the Atomic camo the official way, you have to unlock all camos in the game. This will take literally thousands of hours...Everyone has to decide for themselves whether it's worth it or not. Personally, I don't think the Atomic camo is that great. Damascus from MW2019 looked much better, but tastes vary.

Should you try to use the Atomic camo glitch due to lack of time or boredom, we have to warn you. Sledgehammer will no doubt fix the glitch soon and we cannot say if they're going to penalize players who took advantage of the exploit. So use the exploit at your own risk!

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