First Vanguard Teasers In Warzone

Vanguard Teasers In Warzone
This is an Operator called Polina, based on the real-life figure of Lyudmila Pavlichenko; a woman with the highest confirmed kill count of any female sniper in history | © Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty: Vanguard is beginning to be teased in Warzone. We have some really good datamining material to show that there will be even more to come, so here's a rundown on how Vanguard is beginning to be teased in Warzone, and what Easter Eggs to look out for!

It was predictable to most that Call of Duty: Vanguard, like BOCW before it, would be teased via in-game Warzone Easter Eggs. And indeed, just that is now happening. We're personally big fans of the approach, and if you are too, then this is the time to be playing Warzone. So, let's dig into this, what evidence is there of teasers in the code, and what's live in the game right now?

The Datamined Code Revealing A Vanguard Teaser

Okay, before we jump to what's officially in the game already, let's start with some datamining. Code has been discovered as far back as April that suggests a Vanguard reveal in Warzone, but this is the most convincing and lengthy code to suggest it so far:

Vanguard In Warzone
The Cheeseburger Boys can be relied upon in the Call of Duty community | © Activision Blizzard

This comes directly from the Cheeseburger Boys, a group of dataminers and leakers who have a reliable history on all things CoD. So we firmly believe you can accept the above code as legitimate. And reading it obviously gives away that a Vanguard trailer is coming to Warzone.

You've got to love the classic stereotypical soldiers in the above scene, with 'German Soldier' being a particular favorite of ours.

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The Current Warzone Victory Animation

Now, this next one you've probably seen in some form. This is the first official reveal of Vanguard in Warzone. When you currently win Warzone, the animation begins as normal, but then before the final player gets into the plane:

...that's right, they get shot by a Soviet sniper. While I do love the reference to Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a woman with one of the highest confirmed kill counts for a sniper, I still find it odd that you got shot despite winning the match. But this does mean we can expect her to have a big role in at least the campaign. And for that alone we can be excited - she was so talented, she was known as The Lady of Death. But let's see what else is in store for us, because surely more Vanguard news will be revealed this week...

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