Warzone 2: Search & Seizure Contract Explained

With Search & Seizure, a new contract has just been added to Ashika Island in Warzone 2.0. We explain how the contract works and why players are already hating on it.

Warzone 2 Search Seizure
How does the new Search & Seizure contract in Warzone 2.0 work? | © Activision

Warzone 2.0 Season 2 brought a ton of great new content. New operators, new weapons and most importantly a new resurgence map, Ashika Island. People are really excited about the new map and love the faster pace of it. All in all, the season 2 start was a big win and certainly saved Warzone 2.0 from a premature death.

Now, Raven Software have added a new contract to Ashika Island. Unfortunately, the new contact has sparked quite a controversy in the CoD community.

How To Complete The Search & Seizure Contract On Ashika Island

The Search & Seizure contract works like any other contract: Find and accept the contract, do what the in-game prompt tells you to, and collect your rewards. But don't worry, here is the official explanation from Raven Software:

Search & Seizure Contracts task you with tracking down Shadow Company mercs that have commandeered vehicles across Ashika Island. Dispatch them and recover the keys. Drive the stolen vehicle to the designated drop-off location but be prepared to evade retaliatory airstrikes.

To complete a Search & Seizure contract, you have to accept the contract, and then go to the marked location on the map. At that location, several AI soldiers will wait for you and after killing a bunch of them, one will drop the required key. Pick up the key, get any vehicle in the area and drive/fly to the drop-off point, marked on the map.

That's it, pretty easy, right?

Why Players Hate The New Contract

To be fair, players don't really hate the contract in itself, they hate the fact that it introduces AI soldiers to Ashika Island. AI soldiers in Warzone were first introduced with the release of Warzone 2.0 and the BR map Al Mazrah. Here, the AI soldiers are primarily protecting strongholds, which might sound like a good idea, but many players didn't like that at all.

Many claim that Warzone is supposed to be a PvP experience only. But AI soldiers add a certain degree of randomness, which hurts the game's competitive integrity.

When the new Ashika Island map dropped, players were glad that there were no AI soldiers to be found anywhere. With the new contract, however, AI is back in the game, even though Raven Software reassured us that AI combatants will only spawn during a Search & Seizure contract or the upcoming Data Heist public event.

Still, the community is furious. Here are some quotes from the replies to the introduction of the new contract:

Lose the a.I we’re actually having fun now
The island seemed to be thriving the way it was... without AI
Stop just stop with the AI ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WANTS!!
Stop fixing things that aren’t broken

What do you think about the new Search & Seizure contract? Is it just a cool new contract with some nice loot, or is it actually a problem, because it reintroduces AI to the game?

Also, are you hyped for Warzone Ranked?

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