Warzone Bunkers, Codes & Access Card: Everything about Bunkers!

Co D bunker
You´re looking for bunkers? You came to the right place! (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Bunkers, Bunker Codes, Bunker Access Card... Even a year after the launch of Warzone, these still seem to be the most sought-after things. In this article, we summarize for you once again everything there is to know about bunkers in Warzone.

In March 2020, the Free2Play Call of Duty Battle Royale spin-off Warzone launched and quickly became one of, if not the most successful Battle Royale title in the world. Countless streamers pounced on the title, and despite varied problems ranging from bugs and glitches to serious cheater issues, the game continues to enjoy incredible popularity.

All Warzone Bunkers

Today we present you all content about bunkers, codes etc., and offer an overview of the development of the bunkers in Warzone. If you don't want to click through all articles individually, here is a short summary with all important codes and puzzles:

One of the most exciting topics in Warzone from the beginning were the mysterious bunkers. All over the initially only map Verdansk, players found locked bunkers and wondered what was behind the thick doors.

Shortly after that, the ominous red access card appeared, but it didn't seem to have any use for the time being, until the first bunkers finally opened in May.

The first bunkers were only accessible with the Access Card, which can only be found as a rare drop from legendary loot boxes – this was soon to change. Until then, however, the puzzling Bunker 11 in particular gave us quite a headache, as you have to complete an elaborate scavenger hunt to open it.

In August, Activision finally launched a big teaser campaign that would eventually lead to the announcement of the latest Black Ops Cold War. During this campaign, more bunkers were also opened in Verdansk, which this time required certain codes to enter.

After that, it was quiet around the Warzone bunkers for a long time, until Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War started at the beginning of December and brought new content for Warzone as well. This new content included the new map Rebirth Island and two brand-new bunkers.

So far, that's all the information there is on bunkers in Warzone. If more bunkers are added in the future, we will add them here. Finally, for all of you who are lazy about reading, here is a little video:

What do you think about the bunkers in Warzone? Is it worth the effort to find and open them, or would you rather save up for a loadout drop? Let us know on Facebook or in our Discord!

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