Activision Introduces "Hardware Bans" To Combat Warzone Cheating

Warzone cheating hardware bans
These Warzone cheaters are really starting to grind Activision's gears. (Credit: Activision / The Blob Fish)

Activision have begun issuing hardware bans over the last few weeks, in an effort to find a more permanent solution to the ongoing problem of cheating in Warzone. The new "Hardware Ban" aims to stop Warzone Cheaters from simply creating new accounts each time another Warzone Ban Wave comes along and kicks them out.

Just like the sound of running water tingles your bladder, Warzone cheating tingles our anger glands. There are tons of exploits, and tons of bugs to utilize to your advantage – just take a look at the Stim Glitch – but there is something even more cowardly about professional cheating. That's why Activision and Raven Software have been taking (minimal) action.

Hacking and cheating has been a pressing issue in Warzone for a while now, and Activision have been promising to crack down since basically the beginning of 2021. Sounds like rubbish? Well, we're sure that they are trying, but it hasn't been working.

With more than 475,000 Warzone accounts banned, cheating has not been stopped in the slightest. The thing is - Warzone is Free-to-Play, so you can just make a new account. Sounds obvious, right? So it is a bit odd that it has taken Activision and Raven Software so long to come to this astoundingly obvious flaw in their Warzone Cheating masterplan.

Well, now something different has been revealed...

How Do Hardware Bans Help Solve Warzone Cheating?

Hardware Bans are issued to repeat offenders, to limit their ability to simply make a new account and continue cheating. It basically means that Activision will block your PlayStation, Xbox, or PC when they find that you have repeatedly been cheating, even on multiple accounts. Wow – maybe we were a little silly to be so mean to Activision?

We do issue hardware bans against repeat, or serial, cheaters... This is an important part of our effort to combat repeat offenders.

Look, we are yet to see the effect that Hardware Bans will have on Warzone, despite the strategy having been in operation for a week or so, as of writing. Activision have started enforcing anti-cheating measures on a daily basis. It is not yet a full-blown in-game anti-cheat system, but it could do the trick to fix the Warzone Cheating problem.

We're sorry, Activision, maybe we'll be a bit easier on you... if this works.


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