Warzone: How To Launch A Missile Bombardment From The New CIA Outpost!

Launching a bombardment from the CIA Outpost
'Yeah you better run!' – You'll be shouting from the safety of the CIA Outpost. (Credit: Activision)

The new CIA Outpost has been discovered in Warzone Season 3: Reloaded. It's in the Military Base, and inside you can find Rambo's explosive Combat Bow, a map that reveals the location of every Survival Camp, and most excitingly of all: a radio set that allows you to launch bombardments on the Military Base. Here's how to launch a missile bombardment from the new CIA Outpost!

Warzone Season 3: Reloaded is finally here, and needless to say, it's great fun. From the moment you launch the game, a cheesy, but no-less fantastic soundtrack begins playing that gets you right into the '80s action mood. Raven have even added areas in the map that pay homage to films like Die Hard and Rambo. One such area is the CIA Outpost - and it's well worth a visit.


Update June 3

Today's Warzone update has ended the 80s Action Heroes event in Warzone. The vault and contracts in Nakatomi Tower are no longer available. The CIA Outpost and survival camps are also deactivated.

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Where Is The CIA Outpost?

The CIA Outpost is in the Military Base, in a hanger at the map square coordinates F2. We've got a video for you that shows exactly where the CIA Outpost is, and what to do once you're inside:

What Is Inside The CIA Outpost?

Inside the CIA Outpost, you will find a map that reveals all Survival Camp locations, radio equipment that allows you to call in a bombardment, and the Rambo Combat Bow. These are very strong rewards, so we highly advise paying CIA Outpost a visit, especially while the location is still unknown to most.

How To Launch The Missile Bombardment from CIA Outpost

  • Once inside the CIA Outpost, you'll find a short flight of stairs that leads to a gangway inside the hanger.
  • Head up onto that gangway, and you'll see a table set up with radio equipment.
  • Approaching the radio equipment will give you the prompt – 'Send Coordinates'.
  • Do so and you will call in a massive bombardment on your position - don't worry you're protected inside the bunker – but this will also call in an enemy attack chopper.
  • Destroy this chopper, and you will be rewarded with a heavy arms loot box.
Time to call in the heavies! (Credit: Activision)

How to Find Rambo's Combat Bow

  • You will find Rambo's explosive Combat Bow inside the hanger, on the ground floor.
  • It does not behave like an ordinary weapon, but like a killstreak.
  • It does high explosive damage, and can two-shot destroy an attack helicopter.
  • At the time of writing, this is the only known location of Rambo's Combat Bow.

CIA Outpost: How to Unlock Survival Camp Map

  • Inside the hanger, you'll find a map on a whiteboard. Simply approach and you will be given the prompt to 'Update Map'.
Map of Survival Camps
This is all very Cold War, bravo Raven. (Credit: Activision)
  • Once you've updated your map from the whiteboard (5 seconds), you can then see all the Survival Camps in Verdansk, represented by green circles.
  • These Survival Camps have only one blue crate at them at the time of writing, but they might lead to an Easter Egg yet to be discovered.
All Survival Camp Locations
Don't worry, these locations stay on your map throughout the game. (Credit: Activision)

The CIA Outpost is very rewarding and well worth a visit if you're dropping by Military Base. Be aware though, the bombardment is very powerful, so if another squad makes it there before yours, you'll need to take cover ASAP.

Good luck exploring Verdansk this week. Will you be heading straight for Nakatomi or maybe hitting up the CIA Outpost? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or better yet, join EarlyGame today and keep up to speed with all the latest and greatest.