Warzone: What Is Clash? And Is It Permanently Replacing Plunder?

Will Crash replace Plunder
if you just want a back to basics TDM game, then this is the mode for you!| © Activision Blizzard

For the first time in Warzone's history, Plunder was removed. It was replaced with a game mode called Clash. How does this new 'Clash' game work? And is this change permanent?

Oh, Plunder, sweet, sweet Plunder. The game mode that was there since day 1 has always been something of a joke within the community. For most, it's effectively a weapon-leveling playlist or a safe place to complete challenges. But perhaps we took the old warhorse for granted.

It seems that the devs might finally be thinking it's time for a permanent change. If you didn't even play Plunder at the time: this is the mode where you're basically just focusing on looting, and you can respawn freely throughout the entire match. So what's it being replaced with? How does Clash even work?

What Is Clash?

Clash is a 50 vs. 50 team deathmatch that takes place in cordoned-off areas of Verdansk. So you might play Port one match and Farmland the next. Basically - it's Ground War for people that don't own the Modern Warfare 2019 base game.

Generally speaking, it isn't the most popular mode. It's inoffensive and bland, so nobody hates it, but it's also just entirely unoriginal. The real boon to the mode is that you start with your own loadout, so you don't need to buy one before you can start levelling the weapons you want to level.

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Will Clash Replace Plunder Permanently?

Plunder will no longer be a permanent playlist, but it looks like they will rotate limited-time playlists in to replace Plunder rather than keeping Clash as the new permanent. And this makes perfect sense - Plunder may not have been the most popular mode, but Clash certainly isn't either. No, if anything this is quite a lackluster approach to modes for Warzone - it's TDM on a makeshift map that isn't balanced TDM.

We can only thank Plunder for its service and hope for a stronger replacement next week.

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