The Warzone Core Skills Series: Gatekeeping

In our Warzone Core Skills Series, we're going to go through the essential mechanics you need to begin playing competitively, and today - Gatekeeping.
Gatekeeping warzone
This kind of team would be very easy to gatekeep | © Activision Blizzard

You might have been playing since launch, and you might chase the meta like a fiend, but if you're still struggling to push into the top 10, then maybe you need to work on your core skills. Even if you have practiced a lot of these mechanics, you might still learn a thing or two. So, let's get into this week's skill: Gatekeeping.

What Is Gatekeeping In Warzone?

Gatekeeping is a positional move; one team will try and get ahead of other teams, to the border of the next circle, then they will turn back and kill the people still trying to make it into safety. You'll hear this phrase a lot if you solo queue - either your teammates will be asking you to do it or complaining that you aren't already.

Gatekeeping is an essential skill for a team that wants to win. By moving in with the gas and gatekeeping the teams that come from behind you, you save yourself from being flanked, and you bleed off potential rivals. Preventing yourself from being flanked makes it exponentially easier to win in the final circle because you know you can safely focus all of your attention on what's in front of you.

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How Do You Gatekeep In Warzone?

Generally speaking, gatekeeping is easy; as soon as a circle closes, move up to the border of the next circle (ideally a raised position) and turn round to focus on teams coming from the same direction. But it's easy to screw this up or fail to take full advantage, so remember these tips:

  • Your advantage against teams you're trying to gatekeep is that they need to move to escape the gas, whereas you can stay where you are. So take it passively. There's no need to get risky - plate when you need and don't thirst kills, the gas will eliminate downs for you.
  • If you're an AR/SMG kind of player, then you should be facing into the circle, covering the other members of your squad. Players with snipers and especially LMGs excel at gatekeeping, so let them take what's coming in from behind.
  • Try and find good positions on the map to gatekeep the next circle from before moving, if you're trying to do this in the open you might easily get wiped from a third party.
  • When you do find a good position to gatekeep from you need to make sure you're there ahead of time, so travel fast (if you don't know how to travel at the max speed in Warzone then just follow our guide on properly slide-canceling).

That was gatekeeping - use it when you can, and you'll find yourself bleeding off slower and weaker teams much more efficiently.

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