Warzone Invisibility & Stim Glitch Are Back!

It's no secret that Warzone is riddled with bugs and glitches. You thought some of the worst ones were fixed? You´re wrong! Just this week two old glitches returned – the invisibility glitch and the stim glitch.

Warzone veterans are used to bugs and glitches by now. Be it the well-known wall glitch, which is now also possible on Rebirth Island, the new bot lobby glitch, which promises easy lobbies or the juggernaut glitch, which filled Warzone with complete juggernaut squads.

Some glitches have already been fixed by the developers, others are still in the game and, as it now turns out, even already fixed glitches are returning.

Invisibility Glitch

The invisibility glitch has appeared in many versions and allows players to become completely invisible to others while seeing everything normally and farming kills at their leisure. Aside from the wall glitch, which also makes players invisible, in the past you could turn invisible with loadout drops. With the launch of Season 1 and the integration of Black Ops Cold War into Warzone, a new invisibility glitch came along that was related to the new Attack Helicopters. The developers even removed the helicopters from the game and have not yet added them back to prevent that glitch.

As you can see here, however, the glitch seems to be back and may not have anything to do with the helicopters after all:

But that's not all!

Unlimited Tactical Glitch/Stim Glitch

The unlimited tactical glitch or more popular stim glitch was also present in Warzone in the past and is now back again. The glitch enables the unlimited use of tactical gadgets, such as smoke or stun grenades, but also stims. With the stim in particular, it is possible to stay in the gas for an infinite amount of time, as you can heal yourself over and over. And the glitch is not even too difficult to reproduce, as YouTuber OPADI shows here:

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