Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch: CoD Has Invisible Weapons!

Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch
Don't worry, you don't have to throw stones, despite your weapons being invisible... | © Activision

A new Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch has surfaced. With the Invisible Gun Glitch, you now have invisible weapons, and while the normal invisibility glitch has its advantages, the Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch is simply a pain in the backside. So, what is the new Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch, and has it been fixed?

Bugs and glitches are just as much a part of Warzone as cheaters. Raven Software is a fair bit behind, despite releasing regular bug fixes, with each new update bringing with it a plethora of fresh new bugs and glitches. The latest Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch is very special, but damn annoying!

What is the Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch?

Thanks to the Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch, players cannot see their equipped weapon. So, you basically hold nothing but thin air between your fingers... it's still pretty deadly, though! Some players have reported that their weapon loads after a few seconds, while other have had to struggle through complete matches without seeing their weapon. The Invisible Gun Glitch seems to work for all weapons, from ground-loot, to loadouts. It is not yet known what exactly triggers the glitch. Some gamers suspect that it might have something to do with the graphics settings, but this has not yet been confirmed.

In this Reddit clip, you can see how well the Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch works...

Is this considered a no scope if the gun hasn't loaded yet? from CODWarzone

As can be seen in the clip, it seems that not all players let the Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch destroy their match. Even without seeing the weapon or its crosshairs, RevelatioN21SIX lands a decent hit here.

Is the Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch Fixed?

No, Raven Software has not yet commented on the Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch, so no fix yet. Since the weapons actually only remain invisible for a few seconds for most players, the developers seem to classify the glitch as not too urgent. After all, they fixed the last glitch that spawned players with loadouts within a very short period of time.

Have you been a victim of the new Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch?

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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.