Warzone Modded Lobby - How Do You Get In One?

Modded Warzone lobbies are giving players enough XP to get to level 70 on any weapon they make a kill with. How do you get into these coveted lobbies?

Call of duty warzone modded lobby
Price may not be happy - but the playerbase are! | © Activision Blizzard

With all the performance issues right now and the lack of FOV slider for console, Warzone is getting a lot of bad press. We're annoyed at the publishers, and while Caldera is great, we need some more communication from them on these issues. We also need them to fix the ridiculously long weapon-grind. Or do we? Maybe we can rely on good Samaritan hackers to help the community here...

What are XP-modded Warzone Lobbies?

Hackers have found a way to begin XP-modding lobbies, every player in these lobbies will get enough XP from a single kill to get the weapon they were using completely levelled up to 70. Basically, they're the best thing hackers have ever done for this game, and if you get into these lobbies you're one lucky son of a gun. Here's Tim getting into one of these holy lobbies:

Yeah, we would be that excited as well. This is a much, much quicker option than the weapon grind, so look, we get it. We want to find a modded lobby too.

How do you get into a modded Warzone Lobby?

Bad news, you can't "find" one, you would need to contact a lobby hacker and get into their game as a party member. Obviously this opens you up to risk, but if you don't, then it's just a roll of the dice to see if you get into one of these god lobbies.

And you probably don't have long, knowing Raven this will take immediately priority, above and beyond even the console performance right now.

Will you get banned for this?

Unfortunately, you may do; there have been several reports from console players (who obviously aren't the ones modding the lobby themselves) getting banned since modded lobbies started emerging. But we cannot confirm this. Lots of people on Twitter lie, and without the cheating tools installed on your hardware, you technically shouldn't be punished per Activision own guidelines. So you might be fine, and the reward is obviously great if you can get into a modded-lobby, but proceed with caution, lest you end up like these folks:

If you're trying to just get on the grind the old-fashioned way, then here are the weapons you should currently be focusing on: