Warzone: The Nakatomi Plaza Vault And Keycard CL19

Warzone Nakatomi Plaza Vault CL19
Yep, that's right. Nakatomi Plaza is even going to have its own vault. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

While the old bunkers might still not be active in Warzone's Verdansk 84', Nakatomi Plaza is coming with its own vault! And that vault houses $100,000 in cash. Yes, $100,000. So let's get into this with our guide on finding and using keycard CL19.

Nakatomi Plaza was probably the first place most players are going to want to check out in Warzone Season 3: Reloaded - it's got side-missions, air vents, and even its own vault! This new Nakatomi Plaza vault can be opened with keycard CL19. By completing tasks in the building you can unlock more loot in the vault through deposit boxes, but only once it's been opened of course. We'll get into all that. Before we start though, this might sound obvious but do watch your back while getting into the vault; Nakatomi Plaza is going to be hot as all hell.

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Update June 3

Today's Warzone update has ended the 80s Action Heroes event in Warzone. The vault and contracts in Nakatomi Tower are no longer available.

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How Do You Get Into The Nakatomi Plaza Vault?

Complete one of three activities to get a CL19 keycard: defuse the C4 on the roof, kill all the enemies who can be spawned in the parking lot, or complete an 'Unfinished Business' mission. By completing any one of these tasks you will be rewarded with a CL19 keycard that opens the $100,000 Nakatomi Plaza Vault on floor 31. To the left of the door is a keycard swipe terminal – just approach it and a prompt to interact with the terminal will automatically appear.

The door will slide open and reveal a room full of cash. But, you'll also find three safety deposit boxes in the room, one of these will open with the CL19 keycard you've already got. You can get perks and Contraband missions from the safety deposit boxes. To open the other two complete the remaining side-missions in Nakatomi Plaza.

Here's what you're playing for:

CL19 Keycard For The Nakatomi Plaza Vault - Method 1: 'Unfinished Business' Missions

  • This is the easiest method
  • You need to do a scavenger-like mission called Unfinished Business, which asks you to find and open three loot boxes, and in the third, you will find a CL19 keycard.
  • Take this keycard up to floor 31 and you can use it to access the vault.
  • There are only three of these 'Unfinished Business' missions available though, so your squad needs to get parachuting down to a fine art.
Unfinished Business Missions 2
These are the only three locations where Unfinished Business missions can spawn, so get to know them! (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

CL19 Keycard For The Nakatomi Plaza Vault - Method 2: 'Deal Gone Wrong' Activity

  • This method asks you to kill a lot of enemies who spawn called 'henchmen'.
  • First, go down to the bottom of the basement in Nakatomi Plaza - right to the bottom - not P1 parking but a level lower to P2.
  • There you will find an open truck in the middle of the room. Climb into the back and you can start the 'Deal Gone Wrong' activity.
  • This will spawn henchmen and a juggernaut boss - kill all of them and the Juggernaut drops a CL19 keycard.
  • We've got a full guide for you here:

CL19 Keycard For The Nakatomi Plaza Vault - Method 3: Defuse C4 On The Roof

  • This is probably the hardest because other players will usually be on the roof with you.
  • Land on the roof and you will hear beeping - you will also see grey indicators that show you where the C4 are.
  • Once the third C4 has been defused a CL19 keycard will drop.
  • Be careful though, a helicopter spawns to attack players on the roof once the first C4 is defused.
C4 on Nakatomi Plaza
Be tactical with the C4 defusal, you can let other teams defuse the first two for you. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

How to Open Safety Deposit Boxes In Nakatomi Plaza Vault?

You need to complete the remaining activities to open all of the safety deposit boxes. Each of those tasks will drop another CL19 keycard once they are complete, and by returning to the vault the keycards will open a safety deposit box each. Here are the rewards up for grabs:

  • Box 1 - Unfinished Business: Specialist Tokens
  • Box 2 - Defuse C4: Advanced UAV
  • Box 3 - Deal Gone Wrong: Blueprint Contraband Contract

Well, there you have it, all you need to take $100,000 from the Nakatomi Plaza Vault. Good hunting!

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