Warzone Season 2 Patch Notes: New Modes, Weapons, & More

warzone season 2 patch notes
Warzone Season 2 is here, and there's a lot to talk about! (Credit: Activision)

Season 2 has finally hit the shores of Verdansk, and the rocks of Rebirth Island. Some big changes look like they're coming Warzone's way, with many speculating that a zombie outbreak, followed by a nuclear event, could change Verdansk irreversibly. Let's take a look at the Patch Notes for Season 2, to get a more accurate picture.

There has been a huge amount of anticipation for Season 2 of Warzone. With BOCW's second season bring to it a huge number of features, it was only natural to think that Warzone could be up for a similar treatment. Now that the Patch Notes are out, only one thing is glaringly obvious: whilst Season 2 is pretty solid, it's no game-changer.

Well, the good part is that we have a bunch of really good new content, for free of course. Oh, and Warzone's integration happened last season, so we don't have to worry about that – hopefully none of the new weapons end up being this Season's DMR 14. The bad? Well, there's not really much bad...

“The war goes wild in Verdansk with Season Two, delivering incredible amounts of free content including a brand-new Event, four new Operators, six new Weapons, new Points of Interest, and much more."

The best part of all this is that we don't have many complaints. It's not a game-changer, it's not anything particularly exciting, but it's a welcome return to form. We're tired of being so down on Warzone for so bloody long! In other words: thank goodness!

warzone next gen
Warzone is lookin' as good as ever! (Credit: Activision)

You can also check out the full patch notes on Raven Software's website. Let's jump in!



  • Plunder – Blood Money Trios
  • Rebirth Island – Resurgence Extreme


  • Plunder – Blood Money Quads
  • Rebirth Island – Mini Royale Trios, Resurgence Quads


  • Loot that spawns across Verdansk has been updated... and now includes two brand new weapons: the FARA 83 Assault Rifle and the LC10 SMG
  • Players that are continually in the gas will suffer more damage over time
  • Previously unlocked Seasonal Challenges will be completable after season ends and during future seasons
  • Warzone Intel Missions have been removed
  • Balanced the XP gain of KingSlayer and other unique modes to match the XP of core BR


100 Tiers including two Weapons, a new Operator, and the first Reactive Weapon Blueprint:

  • Tier 0 (Instant Unlock): Operator – Naga, Park – Operator Skin and Mission, Wellington Safari Watch, Season XP Boost (10%)
  • Tier 15: FARA 83 Assault Rifle
  • Tier 31: LC10 SMG
  • Tier 95: “Vulture Exo” Ultra-rarity Reactive Weapon Blueprint
  • Tier 100: “Warlord” Naga Skin and Operator Mission, & “Poison Dart” Legendary SMG Blueprint

And a lot more!

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Increased bullet velocity of the Tactical Rifle Charlie.

New Weapons added

  • FARA 83 - AR
  • LC10 – SMG
  • Machete - Melee

New Weapon Unlock Challenges added

  • Groza – AR
  • Mac-10 – SMG

Reactive Blueprints added: allowing Operators to display their skill in real-time by evolving their weapon's appearance with kills during a match.

Cold War attachments have been updated: pros, cons and stat bar values now more accurately reflect their functionality


  • Bruiser Grip
  • Mounted Flashlight
  • Tiger Team Spotlight


  • Kapano “Naga” Vang: Warsaw Pact (Launch Week)
  • Karla Rivas: NATO (In Season)
  • Terrel Wolf: NATO (In Season)
  • Samantha Maxis: NATO (In Season)
cod donald trump
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  • Players should no longer spawn outside of the Gulag combat area
  • Ammo replenishment timing when equipping Stopping Power rounds on Cold War weapons has been addressed
  • Fixed various issues with reticle streaming
  • The “Grinch Forest Spirit” Skin now properly renders at all distances
  • The “Gem Cutter” Silenced Assault Rifle is now properly suppressed
  • Operator Mission “Unkillable” will now track properly when getting kills with the High Alert Perk active
  • Mac-10 Weapon Unlock Challenge now tracks correctly when getting 2 rapid kills using an SMG
  • Operator Missions require now associated Operator to be equipped
  • Fixed an issue with War Tracks not playing correctly
  • Fixed an issue causing the Heartbeat Sensor to incorrectly display player with Ghost Perk active on Kill Cam
  • Prestige banners now include correct text and award stickers
  • Added new CDL Team Packs to the store
warzone bunkers
Could new Bunkers be coming to Warzone, now that we have a new season? (Credit: Activision)

To break up the content a little bit, one of the best things about the new season is that it includes a free access week for all of the new content, running until March 4. The free access week will be a fantastic way to also dive into some BOCW content, if you don't own that game. Especially check out Outbreak - it is the best thing to come to Call of Duty since Warzone itself!

There's also an Outbreak Challenge event running until March 11, which is included in Warzone. The challenges at hand can earn you charms, calling cards, stickers, and even weapon blueprints, so it is certainly worth checking out. This is the kind of cross-game content that we really enjoy!


  • Rebirth Resurgence Extreme (Launch Week) — This is a pretty cool new mode, wherein up to 99 players will jump into Rebirth Island for an unbelievably intense fight for supremacy. Squad members can spawn back in if their Rebirth Countdown hits zero, so make sure you take out everyone in the enemy team!
  • Exfiltration (In Season) In this mode, a portable radio crackles into life, coming online somewhere in Verdansk. The Operator who secures this radio and holds onto it for a sufficient period of time automatically wins the game for their squad.

Points of Interest!

Let's be real: this is what you've all been waiting for, isn't it? Well, we don't want to spoil too much, you should discover all this cool s**t by yourself! Warzone is always full of mystery, and we love that about it. What's going on with Verdansk? It'll be a little while until we get a full picture, but perhaps some cool shit is coming soon!

(Credit: GIPHY)

For a few little tips, check the coast for some cool new mysteries, perhaps take a look under the city's three war monuments, and have a look around – there are a few things that may have been shut down... Oh, and don't forget about the double XP...

WELP! That was an intense and long collection of Patch Notes. Maybe we should go take a sleep now... or just go and play Warzone. We are insanely pleased to see all the general fixes this time around. A lot has been broken in Warzone, for a while now, hopefully this will do the trick. Anyway, it's time to jump into Season 2!


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