Warzone Season 4 "Days of Summer" Event Leaked

Warzone days of summer event
Some images have leaked about a Warzone "Days of Summer" event, possibly slated for Season 4. (Credit: Activision / Black Ops Cold War News via Twitter)

With Warzone Season 4 just around the corner, we are seeing more and more leaks come out about what could be included in the new season. The latest leak suggests that Warzone, and possibly Black Ops Cold War, could be seeing an event dubbed "Days of Summer". We are not sure what this event is, but we believe that it could possibly coincide with Warzone Season 4.

Warzone Season 4 Days of Summer sounds like an interesting event, and could very possibly be set in the 1970s, according to recent leaks. The leaks come from popular and prolific CoD leaker @WarzoneNewz, and claim that Days of Summer could possibly "be 1975 themed/related according to leaked images". What on earth is going on?

Well, for context, there has been quite a few conspiracy theories and leaks flying around the place about Season 4. This Warzone Season 4 Days of Summer event is simply the latest in a long line of leaks. Here are a few others:

What is Warzone Season 4 Days of Summer?

Warzone Season 4 Days of Summer looks to be a summer-themed 1970's event, but nothing is truly known about it as of writing. All we have is a few leaked images, and the word of a pretty significant CoD leaker. There are many theories about what Warzone Season 4 Days of Summer could be, but few hold up – if we're honest.

What are we if not honest, though? Well, probably broke, but that doesn't really matter. The thing is: Warzone Season 3 had a pretty major event to start it out, launching Verdansk '84, the Nuke Event, the Hunt for Adler quests, and more. So, why wouldn't Warzone Season 4? To be real with you all, it probably won't be too huge. Season 3 was the big one, so we doubt that they will pull out all stops in the Warzone Season 4 Days of Summer Event.

If anything, we theorize that we will get some fun 70-style cosmetics, some nice events, something a bit musical, and just a kind of chilled out 1970s Warzone. This would be to, as the title suggests, celebrate summer. This could be pretty cool, right? Well, I'd be pretty happy if this is what Warzone Season 4 Days of Summer turns out to be. Let's be real: after the year that everyone's had, wouldn't it be nice to celebrate summer?


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