Warzone Season 4 Reloaded: What Is Payload?

New Warzone Mode Payload
This'll be the first objective-based mode, so buckle up! | © Activision Blizzard

The midseason update to Warzone is already live - Warzone Season 4: Reloaded. It brought with it new weapons, new operators, and more, and what's caught our eye: a Warzone mode called Payload. If you've played Overwatch, then you've probably already guessed how this mode works. If you haven't, we've got all the details below.

It feels like yesterday that we were trying to guess what features were coming in Warzone Season 4. Now, we're already past the midpoint of the season, and it's been a hot one: sweeping balance changes, Red Doors & Dirt Bikes. The huge midseason update brought even more exciting new toys to play around with, and that includes an objective-based Warzone mode called Payload.

What Is Payload?

In Payload, you'll be split into huge 20–player teams, and your objective will be to escort a Cargo Truck convoy across Verdansk. The other team has to prevent this, and not just by killing you - if they can merely distract the team and drag people away from the Cargo Truck, then the vehicle will slow down or even move backwards, making it harder to complete the objective. Players will spawn in with their loadouts and can change weapons for free at specific loot crates. It is also possible to buy UAV towers or barricades to block the convoy. It's quite simple and will remind some of you of the Overwatch mode with the same name.

What should draw players in, is the novelty of such huge teams on either side and the focus on an objective. It could be a really great mode, but we'll have to see how punishingly they handle respawns.

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When Is The New Warzone Mode Payload Released?

Payload was released alongside the new Playlist Update yesterday, July 22. Payload is a limited time mode so make sure not to miss out on the action!

What do you think of Season 4: Reloaded so far? Do you like the new OTs 9 and have you already tried Payload?

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