Warzone & MW2 Season 6: Release Date & Start Time

MW2 and Warzone Season 6 will launch soon. This will be the final season before MW3 is released. You can find the exact release date for Season 6 as well as the global start times below.

Warzone Season 6 Start Time
Warzone Season 6: Release Date & Start Time | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Season 6 is just around the corner. This will be the last new CoD season before they release MW3 and so you shouldn't expect anything too exciting, after all, Activision wants all eyes on the MW3 beta starting in early October. But we will get a few new additions (and hopefully a Lachmann Sub nerf that can take it out of the meta for good).

More information about the new CoD Season 6 content can be found here:

Warzone Season 6: Release Date & Start Time

Warzone Season 6 will start on Wednesday, September 27, at 9 am PT. We know this because of the "days remaining" notifier on the current Battle Pass (at most they will delay the launch by exactly one week, but we don't think this is likely). You can find all the most popular time zones for CoD below:

  • North America (West Coast): 9 am PT
  • North America (East Coast): 12 pm ET
  • UK: 5 pm GMT
  • Europe: 6 pm CET

As usual, the update will go online at the same time worldwide. Of course, there will be a preload again, since the update will probably be pretty big, depending on your platform.

The preload for Season 6 is available will be available about 24 hours prior to launch If you want to make sure to get the most out of the new guns, you should download the new update as soon as possible.

Until the update is live, you can check out the best weapons in Warzone 2 here. We will of course add the new weapons to our list as soon as possible and present you the best loadouts for them. Be also aware that a big content update can often cause problems with the game itself or with the Call of Duty servers during the first days.

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