Warzone Soap Operator & Serac CX-9: Release Date & Details

soap modern warfare warzone
Soap is one of the most beloved characters in CoD history! (Credit: Activision)

Since Warzone's integration with Black Ops Cold War, leaks have been abundant. Now, with the discovery of blueprints in Season 2, Warzone could be set to add a spiritual successor to the DMR 14: the Serac (CX-9) – as part of the Soap Operator bundle. Of course, many are asking: when will we be seeing all of this?

Season 2 dropped a few days ago, and boy-oh-boy was it a solid success! From Outbreak stealing our hearts in Black Ops Cold War, to the mysterious new additions in Verdansk – the latest update has brought CoD back into the limelight. The last three months have been a major disappointment, but perhaps the tides are turning.

CX-9 Serac from CODWarzone

Welp! New weapons, you say? New weapons, new fun? We like fun, we like being clean... Cleanness comes from soap, and soap is the name of that new Operator Bundle, and there's a blueprint. *SHOCK*, the gun's not in the game, *HORROR*, but there is a blueprint (we already told you that). What on Earth is this? Well, we don't know, but it is making us moister than an oyster!

moist simpsons

Seriously, just look at this bad-boy! The Serac seems to feature a 50-round drum magazine, a suppressor, and dismemberment rounds. These reports look pretty f**king awesome. A little over-powered, though... hopefully we don't have another DMR 14 on our hands.

The other big name that has surfaced since the update is the Rook LMG, which can be unlocked by getting seven LMG kills across five matches. You need to have the Scout Optic to complete this challenge, but it is very doable! Both these guns have been sort-of around since before Season 2 leaped onto our screens.

What is the Soap Operator Bundle in Season 2?

There's no denying that everybody loves Soap, so there's also no denying that everyone's super f**king excited for this Operator Bundle. The image below is a leak from a couple of months ago, which spurred quite a bit of conversation. The leak depicts what could be in the Soap Operator bundle, and has been circling for a while now. We were expecting it to drop with Season 2, but sadly, were disappointed...

warzone soap operator bundle leak
Here is the possible Soap Operator bundle, in all of its glory! (Credit: Charlie Intel / Activision)

Soap Operator Bundle & Serac Release Date

This is where things get interesting. The Serac is in the game: Check. They have leaked the Soap Operator Bundle: Check. It looks like we will be getting quite a bit of new content in the coming weeks: Check. So, we think that it is pretty certain that this leak is real, and that we could be seeing both enter the game very soon.

There is obviously no way we will be seeing this bundle, Soap or the Serac, drop before the end of February. However, the Bundle will probably come in March at some point, costing around 2,400 COD points. Excited? Well, we certainly are! The pack, the operator, and the weapon are an awesome trio. Enough of this bollocks, though, we're off to play Warzone...


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