Warzone Spawn With Loadout Glitch Appears in Season 4: Reloaded

Warzone spawn with loadout glitch
Have you been spawning into Warzone with a loadout? Well, you won't be for much longer. | © Activision

A new glitch has appeared in Season 4: Reloaded, resulting in Warzone players spawning with loadouts. What is the Warzone spawn with loadout glitch, and has it been fixed? Let's take a deep dive on the new Warzone spawn with loadout glitch, what caused it, and why it temporarily broke the game.

As a result of changes made in the Warzone Season 4: Reloaded update, players are spawning into the game with full-loadouts. This obviously breaks the game, giving many players an unfair competitive advantage over others. What is the Warzone spawn with loadout glitch, what caused it, and what is Raven Software doing about it?

Warzone Season 4: Reloaded has graced us with its wonderful presence, bringing a whole lot of fantastic new content. It's not just this Warzone Spawn With Loadout Glitch that you have to look out for...

What is the Warzone Spawn with Loadout Glitch?

The Warzone spawn with loadout glitch, as the name suggests, causes players to start Warzone matches with an entire loadout. The problem with a glitch like this is that it results in many players having a significant competitive advantage above other Warzone players, since they have a custom loadout already equipped. Yes, that's right, they spawn and already have some of the best weapons in the game (if they are good at building loadouts), pretty unfair, right? Well, luckily, Raven Software is on the case.

What Causes the Warzone Start with Loadout Glitch?

It seems that the Warzone start with loadout glitch is caused by a new feature that allows players to edit their loadouts in the pre-game lobby, a quality of life adjustment Raven implemented in Update 1.39. The change meant that players were able to change their loadout in the pre-game lobby, but the catch was that you still needed a loadout drop to access it. The big difference, however, was that this pre-chosen loadout would be automatically selected at the loadout drop, reducing the amount of time spent scrolling through menus on the battlefield. Neat, right?

What is Raven Software Doing to Fix the Warzone Spawn with Loadout Glitch?

Raven Software have issued a Tweet, and a small patch, to temporarily remove the new pre-match lobby Loadout selection. Thus, neither the feature nor the bug is present in Warzone, removing the problem, but also a rather promising new feature. Raven Software have said – and you can read it in the Tweet below – that they will re-enable the feature at a later date, assumedly after figuring out what was causing the glitch.

Raven Software's response is indicative of just how important it was to fix this glitch as quickly as possible. Obviously, the Warzone spawn with loadout glitch completely breaks the game, and it is good that it has been resolved already – even if that does mean we can't use this sweet new feature.

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