A New Threat Is Coming To Warzone...

Co D Warzone Zombies
Many suspect Raven of hinting at the return of Zombies in Warzone. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

Raven Software, the Warzone dev team, tweeted a cryptic message just hours ago that suggested new threats were coming to Verdansk. The community have already suggested a few theories, some more plausible than others.

Raven Software hate announcing new updates. Instead, they prefer to leave a bread trail of cryptic messages for their fans and subtly hint at future changes. It's all very 'Cold War'. The latest message was an image they tweeted of a heavily redacted document. What we can read implies grave danger is coming to Verdansk 84.


What Does The Message Say

The message from Raven looks like a heavily redacted CIA file, here it is:

as you can see it reads - Cargo t-[BLANK]-eta. Verdansk s-[BLANK]-eeds saving. Something must be done soon.

What Could It Mean

Well, clearly it implies that something is imminently coming to Verdansk. That thing is a threat because something 'has to be done soon'. But the first line is curious, it mentions 'Cargo t-' something, and ends with a word that has an 'eta' ending. There are very, very few words in English with that ending, the only relevant ones in this context would be 'beta' or 'meta'. Here are some of the most prominent fan theories.


The most likely suggestion so far is that Raven's message hints at a new Zombie invasion. The 'Cargo' mentioned, might refer to the Cargo Ship Vodianoy, already spotted last season on Rebirth Island. The ship could be seen from a distance, and a Zombies perk machine was spotted inside. Perhaps the cargo ship is heading to Verdansk?

New Map

Of course, a Warzone puzzle of any kind will be lept upon by the hopeful. But, releasing a new map seems unlikely given how well that could boost sales of this years Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard if they hold off until then. Though who knows? Maybe this new threat will have us piling onto cargo ships and leaving Verdansk.

Balance Changes And Solos

Others in the community have suggested that the message is more of a playful tease from the developers, and that the full message would read like this:

Activision runs a tight ship and are rarely as casual as this if true, but some fans believe it's their way of saying 'we hear you about certain problems and we will work on them'.

We can only wait and see, Zombies was a fantastic introduction to warzone last time, but then solos is in a bad place and Cargo trucks are overpowered, so any of these updates would be welcomed.

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What could this all mean? If you've got a better theory, this is a developing story, so let us know on Facebook or Twitter, and consider joining MyEarlyGame for all the latest news, leaks, and more!