Warzone: ZLaner Cheating Feud Reaches Confrontational Peak

zlaner badboy beaman warzone cheating
Stand aside Conor McGregor, here comes the real fight! | © Zlaner & Badboy Beaman

The ongoing feud between ZLaner and BadBoyBeaman has reached a whole new level, with ZLaner even offering to fly the YouTuber out, all just to prove he isn't cheating. We take a look at the big ZLaner Warzone Cheating question: Is ZLaner cheating at Warzone?

So... is he? Is he using hacks to get a competitive advantage? Well, that's certainly what BadBoyBeaman is alleging, in a number of rather suspicious videos. The thing is - ZLaner has been fighting the accusations, going to huge lengths to prove his innocence. His latest move? ZLaner is flying out BadBoyBeaman to prove him wrong in-person!

Finding this Warzone streamer drama a little tedious? You and I both, mate. More excited for BOCW & Warzone Season 4: Reloaded? Well, here's everything we know so far...

ZLaner Flying Out BadBoyBeaman to Clear Cheating Allegations

Popular streamer ZLaner has been accused of cheating by YouTuber BadBoyBeaman, and now might be flying him out to clear the air. This is simply the next step in an ongoing feud between the two Warzone players, with ZLaner previously setting up extra cameras, and even an eye tracker, to prove that he isn't cheating at Warzone. He said in his most recent YouTube video:

I will pay for a flight for you to come to my hometown, we can set up an area, a controlled environment, where you can sit down at the PC, bring your film crew, and I’ll have my film crew so the evidence lines up...

Holy crap, this is getting serious now! As a caveat to the above challenge, ZLaner has said that if he proves that BadBoyBeaman's hacking allegations are rubbish, the YouTuber will have to delete his YouTube channel... forever. That seems a bit much, doesn't it?

Yep, that's right: BadBoyBeaman is still uncertain, and from his response Tweet - which did not actively respond to ZLaner's challenge - he accused the streamer of further "smoke and mirrors". Guys, it's getting a bit crazy now. Surely we can sort this out?

Is ZLaner Cheating At Warzone?

It's not our place to comment, or even speculate, on such matters, and thus, we will only say that both ZLaner and BadBoyBeaman offer compelling evidence. What we do think, however, is that if BadBoyBeaman does not take ZLaner up on his offer, then he should most certainly drop his case...

The feud seems to be escalating at a very surprising rate. Seriously, guys? Now ZLaner's going to fly BadBoyBeaman out just to prove him wrong? Well, whatever floats their boat - but seriously, BadBoyBeaman should take ZLaner up on his offer. Let's clear the air, guys! Though... the cost is a bit insane. I mean... deleting his YouTube channel?

If you really, truly believe that I am a hacker, then I totally expect you to oblige and say yes to this, but I don’t think that you think that.

If ZLaner's Warzone Cheating allegations stack up, then this is pretty massive news for the Warzone community. Quite a few major streamers have now been accused of cheating, and ZLaner would be an insanely high-profile case. Let's get to the bottom of this!

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