Warzone Zombies: Outbreak Spreading to Superstore

Warzone zombies superstore
It looks like the undead Zombie horde are on the move again... (Credit: Activision)

The Zombie Outbreak is spreading across Verdansk again, this time heading to the Superstore in Warzone. According to leakers, the Superstore is next to be infected, spurring questions as to how long it could be until Warzone's inevitable Nuke Event blows Verdansk sky-high.

Activision have, once more, sent out some teasers to Warzone leakers. This time, it's a canvas bag and another note. The bag is clearly from the Superstore - it has the bloody logo on it! So, does that mean we better get our shopping done soon?

Zombies have travelled so far across Verdansk at this point that we are losing track. So... Shipwreck, Prison, Hospital, Bank... Superstore? More? Well, it's getting pretty dangerous at this point, because if the Zombies are spreading further, we better be on our guard. Check out the note from Activision:

Clean up on aisle four. Bring more than a mop. The place for killer deals. Their latest customers shop long after they drop.

Oof, that's ominous, and also pretty obviously about those brain-eating buggers. Yummy, yummy, right? Well, it might be a bit of a problem in this case. Verdanskians also need food, you know? Where will they get their food now? Well... the cold reality of this situation is that they may simply become food themselves.

Warzone superstore zombies
When will the Nuke Event be? What will it look like? Well, Season 3 is coming... so it might not be too long. (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Zombies: When is the Nuke Event?

It looks like the long awaited Nuke Event will be coming around April 22, when Season 3 is set to drop. With the Zombies spreading further and further into Verdansk, deeper into its core, and farther north, the Nuke Event is becoming inevitable. When could it possibly end? When will the suffering cease? When can we finally see a change?

Huh? Where did that last little thing come from? Well, look: we need this spreading to continue, of course, but this is getting slow and tedious. How many spots? With no differences, the Zombie outbreaks continues to happen the exact same way each time. Will we at least get some variety?

Well, perhaps we just need to wait until the Nuke Event permanently changes Verdansk, or perhaps for that delicious new Warzone map that we are all so hyped for...


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