Warzone's Verdansk is Ending, According to Leaker

warzone nuke
Verdansk has long been the subject of theories about a certain... nuclear bomb. (Credit: Activision)

Warzone's classic Battle Royale map, Verdansk, may be ending very soon, according to leakers on Twitter. The revelations come potentially a year after the game originally launched, and would mark a major turning point for the Battle Royale monolith. Here's the scoop.

So, first anniversary, huh? Well, that's pretty exciting! Wait. No more Verdansk? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Good memories and... the last three months. A nice change of pace? Well, we don't know what the new map will entail, or if any of this is true at all for that matter.

Yep, you read that correctly. A pretty reputable CoD leaker has given us some cryptic information over on Twitter about the possibility of the “End” of Verdansk coming on March 11. That's pretty extraordinary, and if it happens, it will be a literal game-changer.

This could certainly tie into all the Nuke rumors and would be a welcome change to a game that has become a bit stale, especially with all its nagging problems. The nuke rumors have continued to swell in the background, though, and this could be an incredible way to farewell the old, and welcome in the new.

nuke gif
(Credit: GIPHY)

Season 2 doesn't look like much for Warzone, though perhaps we could be seeing Zombies entering the map. That being said, the anniversary is coming up, so it is obvious that this could be a very real possibility.

If Raven Software decide to make Verdansk go “Kaboom”, then everything changes. Perhaps that Ural Mountains map will appear, perhaps we will have a nuke-ravaged version of Verdansk to experience. What on earth is this all going to look like? Well, there's a lot to think about for sure!

Warzone zombies
Are you ready to get your brains eaten? Well, that could just happen if Warzone gets Zombies! (Credit: Activision)

What we like to think is that perhaps the Zombies and the nuke are linked. Perhaps, the nuke is detonated on purpose, to get rid of the Zombies? Well, we'll find out very soon – and that's one of the most exciting things about all of this!


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