What is Mini Royale in Warzone?

Warzone truck
Warzone has reintroduced its famed Mini-Royale game mode, but what is it? (Credit: Activision)

In the April 8 Warzone Playlist Update, Raven Software has reintroduced Mini Royale to our favorite Battle Royale shooter. The new mode, Mini Royale Trios, is one amongst several new playlists that have been added to Warzone. What is Mini Royale, though? How does it work? Well, we have all the details for you right here...

Look, you're not here for the Playlist Update, and this article is meant to help you far after the April 8 update is done and buried. However, if you are curious, we will be covering it, so look out for that article right here on EarlyGame. All in all, Mini Royale has been added, and we're here to help you get to know it!

What is Mini Royale in Warzone?

Mini Royale is a condensed version of Warzone, wherein you can achieve the same Battle Royale experience, but in a smaller and faster-paced area. There are fewer players, a smaller map, and higher intensity gameplay. We love it! Let's give you a dot-point list, to ease your reading pleasure. In Warzone Mini Royale, we have:

  • 75 Players instead of 150.
  • 3-Player Squads (unless playing Solo).
  • 35 Teams
  • Circle enclosed by one when you drop in.
  • Mini Royale otherwise plays the same.

Reintroducing Mini Royale into Warzone is a pretty sweet move, to be honest. It is a faster-paced version of Battle Royale, which means that you can jump into a game that's a little shorter. That's great if you're like me, and often only have short periods of time to play video games. In other words, I'm excited to dive in tonight, and so should you.

Basically, with the shortening and sweetening of Warzone's Battle Royale, Mini Royale really only includes the first and last five minutes of a standard Warzone game. It means lots of kills, lots of getting killed, lots of movement, and lots of fun.

Warzone Exfiltration
There will be a lot of fast-moving action in Warzone's Mini Royale mode. (Credit: Activision)

Do Mini Royale Victories Count As A Warzone Victory?

No, Mini Royale Victories are not the same as Warzone victories, and will not be counted in your win log. This is due to it being a change in the formula, with different rules. You don't get to count it as a Warzone victory, if it is not a standard Warzone game. That's okay, we're playing Mini Royale for fun, right? Jump on in and enjoy yourself, don't worry about victory!

Well, we don't know about you, but this sounds like a lot of fun to us. Actually, it doesn't "sound" like fun, we know that it is fun. It's fast and frazzling and fantastic. The perfect mode for alliteration, you should certainly spend some time in Warzone Mini Royale.


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