What is Smurfing? How to Smurf in Warzone...

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What is Smurfing, again? | © Activision

Smurfing is a plague on Warzone, but it's also a useful hack for those who want to avoid the skill-based matchmaking shenanigans that just ruin the game sometimes. Thus, we ask the question: what is Smurfing? Oh, and how do you Smurf in Warzone? Let's take a look at Warzone Smurfing!

We have to admit... we hate that we're writing this article, but you know, you gotta do what you gotta do, and this SBMM is an absolute disaster. Smurfing can be a good way to get around the pain of Warzone's SBMM, and thus we are here to help you conquer your game. How do you Smurf in Warzone? Read this article, try it out, and blast your way through a few lobbies with ease...

Yeah, we get it, we probably shouldn't be spreading knowledge like this. Honestly, though, people who want to Smurf in Warzone will Smurf one way or another. Here's the latest Warzone news...

What is Smurfing?

Smurfing in gaming is the act of either creating a new account, or tricking the SBMM of a game, so that a higher-ranked player can play against lower-ranked players. It might seem scummy, and that's because it is. Smurfing is a major problem in gaming, which is not surprising for a tactic that takes its name from a financial money laundering technique.

Basically, when a higher-level player doesn't want to meet strong opposition, wants to XP farm, or just simply show-off, a common tactic is the Smurf. The usual Smurfing method used to be to simply create a new account and work your way back up, playing against low-level players whilst have the skills of a pro. Now, the thing is, this only really works for a free-to-play game, as you can make an infinite number of accounts. Thus, a second method has arisen in recent years.

The current mainstream method, used in a lot of games like Black Ops Cold War, is to simply game the system. The game thinks you are good, so it puts you in a higher-strength bracket, against better players in an attempt to "even the odds". The thing is that when a game's skill-based matchmaking is buggered, players will be put in a lobby with far-too high skilled players, and then you will have a terrible time.

Thus, in such a game it is common to deliberately fail against your opponents, get killed, and killed, and killed. If you do this, then the game will begin to think that you're not as good as it initially thought, and will start putting you in lower-skilled lobbies where the competition is not so steep. It is a way to cheat, sure, but Smurfing is also a way to circumvent broken SBMM.

How to Smurf in Warzone

In Warzone, a common method of Smurfing is to deliberately fail against your opponents so that the game starts putting you in lower-level lobbies. This is probably also the recommended way (though we do not recommend smurfing at all, to be honest), as we all love our Warzone accounts, and don't want to lose our various cosmetics, blueprints, and items that we've picked up from the item shop. CoD Points are expensive, guys, sheesh!

If Warzone's SBMM is really screwing you over, you can attempt to use that second method to Smurf in Warzone. However, you could also just play the game and build your skills up. Seriously: trials and tribulations, my friend, they make you stronger. If you want to be a strong Warzone player, then you need to take on the difficulties and struggles of competing against better players than yourself. It's a pain in the arse, and it can be tedious, but it's much more rewarding than simply Smurfing Warzone.

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