CoD Update: AS VAL and SP-R208 Fixed & New Tactical Glitch

Warzone Tactical Glitch
And another bug plagues the players of CoD: Warzone. (Image Source: Activision)

The two newest weapons in CoD Warzone are finally fixed, but now there seems to be a problem where players can use infinite tactical equipment.

With the Season 6 Update of CoD: Modern Warfare and Warzone, some problems appeared, which Infinity Ward now addresses albeit slowly. Bounty Contracts in Warzone were the last major problem in Warzone and have been completely removed for now:

In the meantime, another old problem has been solved but a new one has appeared. Hooray!

CoD Weapons: AS VAL and SP-R208 Fixed

One of the most annoying problems was the new weapons added. The AS VAL could shoot through several walls with the right magazine and the SP-R208 was hit-scanned with the right ammo. At least these problems were finally fixed.

Some changes have been made in this weapons patch:

  • The AS VAL no longer shoots through walls
  • Norma and Lapua ammunition for the SP-R208 have lower bullet speed and are no longer hitscan
  • ADS speed has been reduced
  • More flinch on the SP-R2028

So from now on, you don't have to be afraid of being shot across the map, through several houses at the beginning of each match.

New Unlimited Tactical Glitch

One problem has been solved but another problem has now appeared. Apparently, there is a glitch in Warzone that allows players to use tactical items infinitely.

Tactical Items are non-lethal gadgets that help you in battle. These include smoke, glare and stun grenades and stim injections. Normally these gadgets can only be used as often as they are collected. However, if you manage to activate the glitch (which we won't do here), you can use your tactical gadget as often as you want. This can be frustrating for other players, especially when using the Stim Syringe. With the syringe, you can heal yourself continuously, even in gas after the rings have closed. Theoretically, it is possible to hide on the map and heal until the last player has died.

Infinity Ward is aware of the problem and is already working on a solution, until then you should be prepared to be bombarded with a hail of stun grenades.

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