Warzone: Boneyard Bunker 03 Access Code

On the Warzone map, there are 12 bunkers, some of which contain loot, if you can open them. Today we will show you how to get into bunker 03 near Boneyard.

The bunkers in Warzone are usually placed at the edge of the map and numbered 00-11. Not all of them can be opened and for most of them you need a red access card, but there are also bunkers that can be opened with a simple code.

For the bunkers 00, 04, 05, 06, and 09 you must find an access card with which you can enter the corresponding bunkers. The bunkers 01, 03, and 10 were opened in the course of the announcement of Black Ops Cold War, and each need a code. If you want to read the entire scavenger hunt again from the announcement, you can do so here:

Boneyard Bunker 03

One of the then newly opened bunkers is located near Boneyard, on the left edge of Verdansk, in quadrant B5. The bunker has the number 03 and is located next to bunker 02. To enter the bunker, you have to go down through the door marked 03 and then through a hatch. Follow the short passage until you are in front of the massive bunker door. To open the door, you only have to interact with the keypad and enter the following code: 87624851.

Inside the bunker, you will find a lot of loot and a desk with a bust of Lenin, a red phone, a typewriter, and some videotapes.

If you want to know how to open all bunkers that are currently accessible, take a look at this article:

Here is a video on how to open Boneyard Bunker 03.

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