Idle Angels Gift Codes (May 2023): Free Diamonds

More codes in Idle Angels promise you more fun. So check out our list of the latest codes and redeem them right away. The codes below are current for May 2023.

Idle Angels Codes April2023
You can find all the codes for free cash and points in Idle Angels right here! | ©IdleAngels

Idle Angels is a mobile role-playing game (RPG) that combines strategy, collection, and battles. Take on the role of a celestial being and assemble a team of powerful angels to combat evil forces and protect the world. The game offers a blend of idle and active gameplay, allowing you to passively accumulate resources while away and engage in real-time battles when actively playing.

In Idle Angels, Diamonds serve as the premium in-game currency with several uses. With diamonds, you can summon new angels to expand your team, accelerate the upgrade and enhancement process of your angels, and instantly complete timers. Overall, diamonds in Idle Angels offer you valuable advantages and convenience in your journey to build a formidable team of angels and conquer the game's challenges.

How Do You Redeem These Codes In Idle Angels?

To redeem gift codes in Idle Angels, go to the main lobby screen.

  1. Click your profile icon in the top left corner.
  2. Select ‘Gift Code’ under the support section of your profile page.
  3. Type in an active gift code and click ‘Confirm’
  4. You will then instantly receive the contents of the gift code.How to redeem Codes in Idle Angels
    This is where you can redeem codes in Idle Angels | © IdleAngels/Mujoy

Active Idle Angels Codes (May 2023)

These codes were last checked & updated on May 22.

Here are all the working Idle Angels codes:

  • IAHappyEasterDay – Diamonds
  • idleangelsfb – Advanced Summon Scroll, 10 Advanced Training Vials, 1,000 Enhance Essence
  • idleangelsreddit –100 Diamonds, 50 Holy Cores
  • IdleangelsINS – 200 Diamonds, Advanced Summon Scroll
  • ildeangelstaptap – 500 Diamonds
  • iakr2022 – 500 Diamonds
  • 87cuxuurnq – 500 Diamonds
  • uu2u3krcma – 500 Diamonds
  • GiftForSept – 500 Diamonds
  • HappyGaminginIA – 500 Diamonds
  • loungespring – 500 Diamonds

Expired Idle Angels Codes

Here are the expired Codes. Take the safe option and use the active codes.

  • IA2021Xmas
  • IA2021thanksgiving
  • thanks2021
  • xmas2020
  • xmaseve2020
  • thanksgiving2020
  • idleangels23r
  • oct1st
  • gxfc2021
  • xnkl2021
  • stjk2021
  • wsry2021
  • hbnl2021
  • easter2021
  • 2021may
  • anniversary2021
  • summer2021
  • Sep2021
  • IAoctober2021
  • iaspringfestival2022
  • cygg2022
  • jhsf2022
  • hhsw2022
  • hzfn2022
  • rhty2022
  • fhyc2022
  • hndj2022
  • idleangels2020/idleangels2021
  • Demonlord641001st

With these codes, the evil forces will no longer stand in the way of your advancement in Idle Angels.

If you're looking for codes, just come back here! But if you're interested, this is the official Twitter of Idle Angels, and they occasionally release new codes there.

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