Monkey Tycoon Codes (September 2023): Free Monkeys

If you are looking for free resoucres to help you expand your Tycoon, check this article. You can find Money Tycoon codes for September 2023 here!

Monkey Tycoon codes september 2023
In this article, you can find codes for Monkey Tycoon. | © Roblox / Team Blue Monkey

Tycoon games are one of the most popular Roblox games ever. There are many Tycoons with over 50 million visits, and Roblox: Monkey Tycoon is sharply getting close to this number. Here you can construct a tower of colourful monkeys that will produce bananas, the main currency in Monkey Tycoon.

Still, farming bananas from monkeys is a bit complex process. If you want to speed it up, check this article for Monkey Tycoon codes. We regularly update this article so you can find the latest codes here.

How To Redeem Codes In Monkey Tycoon

Redeeming codes in Monkey Tycoon is a bit more complex than in other Roblox games. But if you are ready to put in your effort, check the list below. Here is a step-by-step guide to redeem codes in Monkey Tycoon.

  1. Open Roblox these groups: Babble Games, Secret Monkey Squad, and Team Blue Monkey
  2. Launch Monkey Tycoon
  3. Press the button Codes on the left part of the screen
  4. Enter the code into the codes menu
  5. After that, press the button Apply Code
  6. Voila! Rewards will appear on your account
Monkey Tycoon How To Redeem Codes
This is where you can redeem codes in Monkey Tycoon Codes | © Roblox / Team Blue Monkey

If the code is invalid, you'll see a message in the chat notifying you that the code doesn't bring any rewards. In such a case, check this article for the new codes soon.

Monkey Tycoon Active Codes (September 2023)

This was last updated on August 28

Once you know everything about redeeming codes in Monkey Tycoon, check the list below. We've collected working Monkey Tycoon codes here.

  • codelist – Use the code for two sacrifices
  • Thanks - Use the code for 1 Million Monkeys
  • bugfixing - Use the code for 5 Sacrifies
  • MURDER - Use the code for Sword
  • Freeslimemonkey - Use the code for Screamer
  • 142496 - Use the code for 142,496 Monkeys
  • Nothing - Use the code for 1 Million Monkeys
  • Hot - Use the code for Fire
  • monkey backwards - Use the code for 350,000 Monkeys
  • LotsOfMonkeys - Use the code for 100 Monkeys

These codes are temporary. So, it would be best to redeem them quickly not to miss any free resources.

Monkey Tycoon Expired Codes (September 2023)

If you want expired Monkey Tycoon codes, check the list below. We've collected them here.


These codes don't bring any rewards. So, you can use this list as a wiki of codes that should not be redeemed.

Where Do You Get Monkey Tycoon Codes?

If you want to get the latest Monkey Tycoon codes faster than other players, follow the official Babble Games Discord server. Here you can find codes, news, and the latest announcements about Monkey Tycoon. Also, you can follow Babble Games Roblox Group to stay up-to-date with codes. It still can be very helpful!

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