Race Clicker Codes (September 2023): Free Boosts & Wins

Want to become one of the fastest players in Race Clicker? Check out this article. We've collected the working Race Clicker codes for September 2023 here.

Race Clicker codes september 2023
In this article, you can find codes for Race Clicker. | © Roblox / 48h Games

If you love Roblox clicker games, you need to try Race Clicker. It's among the most popular clicker games, requiring players to click through race battles against other players. And if you're looking to gain a speed boost from the ground up, read this article.

Right here are collected all the active and expired Race Clicker codes. They are updated regularly, so feel free to check back this article once more freebies are needed.

How To Redeem Codes In Race Clicker

In the list below, you can find a step-by-step guide to redeem codes in Race Clicker. Use it if you have no clue how redeeming codes work.

  1. Open Roblox and launch Race Clicker
  2. Press the Codes button on the right part of the screen
  3. Insert the code into a newly appeared text box
  4. Tap on the button Redeem
  5. Voila! Rewards are on your account
Race Clicker How To Redeem Codes
This is where you can redeem codes in Race Clicker. | © Roblox / 48h Games

As Race Clicker has many available codes, you might spend a lot of time activating codes. To avoid it, copy/paste each code instead of writing manually. It's the best trick to redeem codes quickly.

Race Clicker Active Codes (September 2023)

This was last updated on August 28

Once you know how to redeem codes, check the list below for active Race Clicker codes. They can be very helpful!

  • happyanniversaryraceclicker – Use the code for a Boost Bundle
  • sorryforanotherrejoin - Use the code for Acceleration Boost
  • 500mvisits - Use the code for Luck Boost
  • goodupdate - Use the code for Win Boost
  • happy4thofjuly - Use the code for Firework
  • freepet - Use the code for Luck Boost, Win Boost, Festival Frog
  • forgiveusfornoupdate - Use the code for Luck Boost, Win Boost
  • FREEPET1 - Use the code for Blue Pilgrim
  • X3WOWCODE - Use the code for Luck Boost, Win Boost
  • UPDATECLICKCODE - Use the code for Auto Click Boost
  • opx3code - Use the code for Win Boost
  • 500KLikes - Use the code for 100 Wins
  • Almost100MVisits - Use the code for 25 Wins
  • 1MGroupMembers - Use the code for 25 Wins
  • Thankyou50M - Use the code for 25 Wins
  • NewUpdate - Use the code for 3 Wins
  • LetsGo5KLikes - Use the code for 6 Wins
  • ThanksFor5MillionsVisits - Use the code for 8 Wins

Note that Boosts obtained from codes are activated automatically. Thus, it would be best to redeem such codes only when you have free time to enjoy the game.

  • To become the fastest player in Race Clicker, you might want to check out a Roblox Gift Card. They can be very helpful!

Race Clicker Expired Codes (September 2023)

The following list contains expired codes for Race Clicker:

  • hallowx3
  • Accelhidden

These codes don't bring any rewards. So, don't waste your time trying to redeem them.

Where Do You Get Race Clicker Codes?

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