Roblox Defender's Depot Codes (May 2023): Free Tokens, Crates & Coins

Right here, you can find all the latest Defender's Depot Codes. Below are the codes for May 2023.

Defenders depot
You can find all the codes for Defender's Depot right here! | © Roblox / @I_eif

In Roblox Defender's Depot, your base is under attack from hordes of enemies, and you and your squad must work together to defend it. With quick thinking, teamwork, and strategy, you can fend off the enemy and prevent them from destroying your walls. Arm yourself with powerful weapons to eliminate all foes that threaten your base.

But hurry, claim these codes before the enemy breaks through! By redeeming these codes, you'll receive Crates and Coins, which you can use to obtain new expansions and upgrades for your base.

Crates provide a spin for a chance to unlock valuable items, while Coins allow you to purchase essential upgrades. Take advantage of these codes to fortify your base and keep your enemies at bay.

So, what are you waiting for?

How To Redeem Codes In Defender's Depot

Here is how to redeem codes in Defender's Depot:

  1. Launch the Defender's Depot game.
  2. Look for the settings/build button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the settings/build button.
  4. Enter or paste a working code into 'Enter Code' box.
  5. Press Check to submit the code.
  6. Enjoy the tokens, crates, and coins that the code provides.
Defenders depot roblox
This is where you can redeem codes in Defender's Depot | © Roblox / @I_eif

Who doesn't love so many free rewards?

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Active Defender's Depot Codes In May 2023

This was last updated on May 25

Here's all the working Defender's Depot codes for May:

  • zoooom - +2 Walk Speed
  • ZaP - 10,000 Coins
  • 69 – 69 coins
  • wal - Shiny wall
  • winteriscoming - Basic Crate
  • candy – Basic Crate
  • soonTM - Basic Crate
  • redYELLOWred - Basic Crate
  • gaming – Basic Crate
  • O_o – Basic Crate
  • speeeed - Basic Crate
  • daily – Basic Crate
  • spooky – Basic Crate
  • bugcatcher - Basic Crate
  • 60M! — Basic Crate
  • 65M! — Basic Crate
  • festiveTime - Basic Crate
  • killALLpls - Godly Crate
  • bingchillin - Chat Token
  • 300kFAVE – Chat Token
  • DD2 – Chat Token
  • corn – Chat Token
  • tags?! — Chat Token
  • spamspam - Chat Token
  • settingsnoway - Chat Token
  • ty4100k – Chat Token
  • Ascensions! — Chat Token
  • ascend? — Chat Token
  • worldWIDE - Chat Token
  • SUPERCHAT - Chat Token
  • tahc labolg - Chat Token
  • *%@? — Trade Token
  • snowsnosns - Trade Token
  • thatswild - Trade Token
  • token? — Trade Token
  • FONUFO - Trade Token

These are all active Defender's Depot codes for May 2023.

Expired Defender's Depot Codes

These are the expired codes that no longer work in Defender's Depot, so don't bother trying.

  • 50000000?!
  • 50M!
  • EASTER2022
  • newnewnew
  • Another1
  • ty450
  • cencel
  • snowww
  • fir3ball
  • hd
  • b0x
  • b00m
  • soon
  • disco

These are all Defender's Depot codes that are already expired.

Those were all the active and expired codes for Defender's Depot. Now you can get back to the game, start grinding and get your free rewards!

If you're looking for codes, just come back here! But if you're interested, this is the official Twitter of Defender's Depot, and they occasionally release new codes there.

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