Roblox Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes (June 2023): Free Crates, Coins & Rubies

Right here, you can find all the latest Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes. Below are the codes for June 2023.

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You can find all the codes for Treasure Hunt Simulator right here! | © Roblox / HenryDev

Treasure Hunt Simulator is a game, in which your primary objective is to dig deep into the game world to discover valuable treasures. Once you've uncovered some treasure, you can sell the sand and dirt for coins.

These coins are very good for upgrading your tools and storage, allowing you to dive deeper into the vast world and uncover even more riches.

If you're searching for the latest Roblox Treasure Hunt Simulator codes, you've come to the right place.

Our codes provide you with numerous free rewards, such as Coins, Crates, Rubies, and Rebirths, which are all essential in making your treasure hunting journey more manageable.

How To Redeem Codes In Treasure Hunt Simulator

Just follow the steps below to redeem codes in Treasure Hunt Simulator.

  1. Launch the Treasure Hunt Simulator game.
  2. Look for the Twitter Button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the Twitter Button.
  4. In there you will see a box that says: “Type Code Here”.
  5. Find a working code that you want to redeem.
  6. Copy the code exactly as written. Be sure to check for any capitalization or spelling errors.
  7. Paste the code into the text box in the code redemption window.
  8. Click on the Redeem button to submit the code.
  9. Enjoy the Crates, Coins, Gems & Rebirth that the code provides.
Treasure Hunt Simulator How To Redeem
Here is where you can redeem codes in Treasure Hunt Simulator. | © HenryDev / Roblox

Who doesn't love free rewards?

  • However, if you still want more rewards, it might be a good idea to check out the Roblox Gift Cards. They are really helpful!

Active Treasure Hunt Simulator For June 2023

These codes were last updated on June 5

Here's all the working Treasure Hunt Simulator codes for June:

  • 200MILLION – 200 Rubies & 2 Rebirths
  • 400KLIKES – 500 Rubies
  • MOON – 500 Rubies & 1 Rebirth
  • MARTIAN – 300 Rubies & 1 Rebirth
  • LAUNCH – 3000 Rubies
  • FINALLY – 100 Rubies & 1 Rebirth
  • JAILCITY - 1000 Rubies & 1 Rebirth
  • INTEL – 100 Rubies
  • FREERUBIES - 500 Rubies
  • HEART – 1000 Rubies & 1 Rebirth
  • VOLCANO – 1000 Rubies & 1 Rebirth
  • MEDIEVAL – 1 Sacred Crate & 1 Rebirth
  • GODLY – 5 Sacred Crates
  • MAGMA – 10 Sacred Crates
  • DINO - 100 coins
  • V2UPDATE – 500 coins

These are all active Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes for June 2023.

Expired Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes

Currently, there are no expired codes on the internet, so you can go with the all the active codes.

Those were all the active and expired codes for Treasure Hunt Simulator. Now you can get back to the game, start grinding and get your free stuff!

If you're looking for codes, just come back here! But if you're interested, this is the official Twitter of Treasure Hunt Simulator, and they occasionally release new codes there.

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