Tower Defense Simulator Codes (June 2023): Free Skin!

Right here, you can find all the latest Tower Defense Simulator Codes. Below are the codes for June 2023.

Tower defense roblox
You can find all the codes for Tower Defense Simulator right here! | © Roblox / Paradoxum Games

Looking for a good Roblox game to play with friends? Tower Defense Simulator is a perfect choice. It is the 8th Annual Bloxy Award Winner created by Paradoxum Games. The game might remind you of the newest Dead Island 2, which got released only a few days ago.

Still, there is a significant difference between these games. Tower Defense Simulator has an extensive code system featuring beneficial rewards for every player. By reading this guide, you will find all the working and expired Tower Defense Simulator codes.

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How To Redeem Codes In Tower Defense Simulator

Before we start with the codes, a good idea is to learn how to use them. Just follow a few straightforward steps below to redeem codes in Tower Defense Simulator.

  1. Open Roblox and launch Tower Defense Simulator.
  2. Claim the daily rewards and then look at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Find the Twitter bird icon here and click on it.
  4. Once done, insert codes from this article into the pop-up window.
  5. Click on the Redeem button to submit the code.
  6. Enjoy the rewards that the code provides.
How To Redeem Tower Defense Simulator Codes
This is where you can redeem codes in Tower Defense Simulator | © Roblox / Paradoxum Games

If the code works, you will receive a message with the rewards. If the code has expired, you will get a notification about it. Still, such notifications also can appear if you have some grammar mistakes.

However, who doesn't love free rewards?

Tower Defense Simulator Active Codes June 2023

These codes were last updated on June 5

Although Tower Defense Simulator cannot boast many Active codes, they feature valuable in-game awards even for experienced players.

  • JOHNRETURNS - Use for John Skin
  • NAMETAGSRCOOL—Redeem for a Name Tag (New)

The active codes list is regularly updated. Check this article regularly and claim codes fast not to skip your rewards.

Tower Defense Simulator Expired Codes June 2023

Once you know the active codes, you might look for expired ones.

  • M3RRY2022TDS – Use for Cookie Scout
  • beachglad2022 – Use for Beach Gladiator
  • MERRY2021 – Use for Present Skin
  • robloxisback - Use for Premium Skincrate
  • 1BILLION – Use for Deluxe Crate
  • COMMUNITY20 – Use for Mini Skin
  • celebration21 – Use for 1 Party Crate
  • 200KMAY – Use for 500 Gems
  • BLOXY21 – Use for Commander Skin
  • FIFTYK - Use for 200 Coins
  • delayed – Use for Premium Crate
  • imababy - Use for 100 Gems
  • newyear2021 – Use for Premium Crate
  • 30k – Use for Pumpkin Crate
  • DOUBLEBLOXIES - Use for Cowboy Skin
  • ICYFREEZE - Use for Freezer Skin
  • W33KLICODE – Use for +65 experience
  • 5KMILESTONE – Use for Minigunner Twitter Skin
  • B1RDHUNT3R – Use for Hunter Troop
  • 1pumpkin – Use for Pumpkin Crate
  • SPR1NGM1L3ST0NE – Use for Shredder
  • HAPPY3AST3R! — Use for Commander
  • ELECTRO – Use for 100 Coins
  • SW33TXP – Use for 100 XP
  • 02MOMENT – Use for XP

If some suggest using these codes, don’t waste your time – they are no longer working.

Those were all the active and expired codes for Tower Defense Simulator. Now you can get back to the game, start grinding and get your free rewards!

Where Do You Get Codes for Tower Defense Simulator?

Looking for more codes but struggling to find them? Check the official Twitter and Discord pages of the developers. They regularly post fresh codes to please the active players with valuable awards.

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