Development of Legendary Tuscan Map for CS:GO Has Begun

Csgo map tuscan
Tuscan would be a welcomed addition to the CS:GO map pool. (Image credit: brute/catfood maps)

Tuscan in CS:GO? Why the hell not. Credible sources reveal that the legendary Counter-Strike 1.6 map is being reworked for CS:GO by its original creators. Will it be playable? When will it be playable? Could it compete for an Active Duty spot in the near future? We answer all of that in these next few sentences.

Tuscan Is Officially Under Construction

The CS:GO map pool was a hot topic last year as suggestions for a reconstruction of old maps such as Mirage and Cache meant that another map or two could be making their way into the Active Duty pool. In the end, only Cache was scheduled for a facelift, with Vertigo taking its place. That did not stop the murmurs of fans who wanted to see another specific map making its way into the game.

Tuscan was among the most popular maps in the 1.6 days and it is quite surprising that Valve have not included any versions of it in any of the follow-up games. Until now, no plans of bothering with a new version of Tuscan were ever set in reality. Until now, that's what I said, yeah. Cause we finally have something to go by.

Nors3 dropped the bomb on Twitter that the map's creator Colin "brute" Volrath is in collaboration with catfood maps to recreate the classic map for CS:GO in an official capacity.

Tuscan's development is at a very early stage and most importantly, it's done independent of Valve. Which in practice means that even if the map is recreated and even if it is the most amazing thing since jumping double AWP at the B appartments, we still might not see it in Competitive or even Casual play.

The original plan is to make the map, see how the community responds and then negotiate with Valve.

Pretty much everyone who's been around since CS 1.6 has his fingers crossed right now that everything works out just fine. The only thing that could keep the disappointment contained is if Tuscan doesn't make it into CS:GO because of Source 2's release. Valve? Valve, ya hear? Hello, Valve?!!

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