Deficio Joins Misfits Gaming

Image credit: Riot Games

After a stormy year with Origen, Martin “Deficio” Lynge has found himself a new home for 2021. For next year, the Dane will be at the head of Misfits Gaming’s European division.

Misfits Gaming have announced that they have recruited Martin “Deficio” Lynge as the director of Misfits Gaming Europe. The former player and caster confirmed that in a tweet of his own, stating that he will join the Misfits organization and hopes that his experience will help the team.

The Life and Times of a Legend

Martin “Deficio” Lynge has been a player, caster, and manager for the better part of a decade and was one of the most iconic faces - and voices - in European League of Legends. He initially joined Copenhagen Wolves as manager before becoming their support player and qualifying with them for the EU LCS’ opening split.

Deficio showed he is a man of many talents in League, taking part in the Season 3 Worlds analyst desk, transitioning to a short-lived coaching position and, eventually, joining the EU LCS as a caster in early 2014.

While fans took a while to get used to his (initially) Danish accent, Deficio’s wit and knowledge about the game eventually turned him into the EU LCS' star color commentator, often paired with Trevor "Quickshot" Henry. The dynamic duo covered the highs and lows of European and international League of Legends for nearly five years.

Including classics such as the legendary Roccat vs Origen Clown Fiesta of 2017. Image credit: Riot Games

In late 2018, Deficio took the next step, announcing that he is joining the resurrected Origen organization as its general manager as the organization took one of the spots in the now-franchised LEC. Origen had some successes, but ultimately failed in both summer splits and never made it to Worlds, ending the 2020 summer season in the last place.

The New Home

As Astralis assumed direct control over Origen after the disastrous season, Deficio was one of several staff members who left the team. At Misfits, Deficio will be in charge of improving the team’s League of Legends infrastructure. However, the organization seems to be having plans to extend their reach to other games as well. The new director himself hinted that there are already things underway that he will share with us soon. After the less than stellar 2020, perhaps Misfits will have its renaissance with Captain Deficio at the helm?


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