Dota 2 Patch 7.27d Is Out!

Dota 2 patch 7 27d
Image credit: Valve Corporation

A new patch for the Dota 2 client is now live. The 7.27d update brings a lot of small tweaks to both heroes and items that will more or less shake the meta.

Valve don’t have a habit of announcing when the next Dota 2 patch will arrive so it’s always a surprise! Patch 7.27d introduces a lot of changes to a huge part of the hero pool but not all of them are as impactful as we’d like. Without further ado let’s take a look at the most important parts of 7.27d!


Drum of Endurance

  • All stats reduced from +6 to +4

Drum of Endurance is a rather popular item for most of the carry heroes that don’t go straight up for Battle Fury. It gave decent stats, movement speed, and an active that allowed you to sometimes escape death. Now it’s slightly worse and it might not be worth the investment for just a measly +4 all stats.

Heaven’s Halberd

  • Now has a 400 gold recipe cost

Heaven’s Halberd is one of the best items in the game. It gives health, evasion, status resistance, and the active makes ranged attackers useless. Adding a recipe to the item is only fair.

Soul Ring

  • Recipe cost reduced from 350 to 275

Soul Ring is only used by certain heroes with a low mana pool that have trouble sustaining it in the early game. Now it’s a bit cheaper, which is a big thing in the first 5 minutes.

Helm of the Dominator

  • Minimum health reduced from 1500 to 1000
  • Now grants +4 Armor to the dominated creep

Helm of the Dominator makes the dominated unit insane as it provides +25 base attack damage, +12 health regen, +4 mana regen and now +4 armor. The only downside is that the minimum health threshold is reduced to 1000. Killing such a unit will be much easier with magical damage but the latter is lacking in the early stages.

Dota 2 bloodseeker
Image credit: Valve Corporation


Arc Warden

Tempest Double

  • Tempest Double no longer breaks Smoke of Deceit


  • Level 10 Talent reduced from +350 Flux Cast Range to +300

We really couldn’t care less about the talent change, but we’re really interested in the Tempest Double one. Using an Arc Warden clone to scout ahead for heroes will no longer be possible. For all you know it could be surrounded by enemy heroes.


  • Base damage increased by 2


  • Bloodrage max health cost reduced from 2.2/2.4/2.6/2.8% to 2.2/2.3/2.4/2.5%
  • Bloodrage spell amp increased from 6/12/18/24% to 15/20/25/30%

The new and reworked Bloodseeker is getting buff after buff to the point that it’s starting to look insane. A 30% spell amp? Don’t forget you can apply it to allied heroes like Zeus, Lina, or Dark Willow for some insane damage.

Dark Seer


  • Surge now acts like haste, rather than granting a bonus speed


  • Level 15 Talent reduced from Ion Shell Provides 400 Max Health to 350

Not a whole lot has changed for Dark Seer except for the fact that he’s back to having a haste effect on Surge. Trying to slow him while he’s affected by it will be useless. You can still dispel it though!


Scorched Earth

  • Scorched Earth duration reduced from 16 to 15


  • Devour hp regen reduced from 2/6/10/14 to 1/5/9/13


  • Level 10 Talent reduced from +13% Scorched Earth Movement Speed to +10%

Doom is getting worse and worse with every patch. His early game sustain with Devour is almost gone as it won’t be noticeable until at least level 3. Lucifer is now entirely at the mercy of consumable regen, just like the rest of the heroes.

Faceless Void

  • Base strength reduced from 24 to 22
  • Timelock damage reduced from 25/30/35/40 to 20/25/30/35
  • Level 25 Backtrack Talent can now be disabled with Break

Some slight nerfs for one of the strongest late-game carries. Void will have 40 less starting health, 5 less damage on Timelock procs and his level 25 Backtrack can now be disabled by Break (Silver Edge, Viper's Nethertoxin, Nyx Assassin's Vendetta etc). Neat!

Dota 2 underlord
Image credit: Valve Corporation



  • Firestorm cast range reduced from 675 to 600/625/650/675

Pit of Malice

  • Pit of Malice cooldown increased from 18/17/16/15 to 21/19/17/15
  • Pit of Malice disable duration increased from 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 to 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8

Atrophy Aura

  • Atrophy Aura creep bonus changed from 4/5/6/7 to 2/4/6/8


  • Level 15 Talent increased from -3s Firestorm Cooldown to -4s

Much like Doom, Underlord isn’t getting much love with the last few patches. First it was the range on his aura, now it’s the damage per creep bonus, the cast range on Firestorm and the Pit of Malice. Will it ever end? Make no mistake, the hero is still very decent and a direct counter to some of the carries. Just pick him smart.



  • Overpower manacost reduced from 55/60/65/70 to 40/50/60/70


  • Level 10 Talent changed from +175 Health to +1.5 Mana Regen
  • Level 15 Talent changed from +2 Mana Regen to +300 Health

You thought Ursa has mana issues? Not anymore. The lower levels of Overpower are now as cheap as it gets, and the mana regen talent is found on level 10 instead of 15. Even if you’re not going for a Battle Fury you’ll still have plenty of mana.

Those were the most important changes in our opinion. For the full patch notes, check out the official Dota 2 website. What are your thoughts on the patch? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

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