The Best Safe-Lane Duos in Dota 2

Phantom assassin dota 2
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In Dota 2, if you have the power of someone enabling you throughout the game either as synergy or as a way to boost some of your aspects can make you very strong and hard to handle. If you don't know who that special champion might be for your pick, or don't know how to pair them, we got you covered!

In this article, we will present the strongest safe-lane duos of Dota 2's current patch.

But First, a Disclaimer

In this article, we will not be using stats to determine which safe-lane duos are the best, but it's good to know what works best statistically.

Instead, we will use our own power rankings and analysis to determine the top 5. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get to it:

Magnus + Phantom Assassin

Magnus has been one of the most contested picks in the competitive Dota 2 games, and a very high pick/ban hero in pubs lately (last months). In this patch, he found his place as one of the best Position 5 heroes of the meta, and here's why.

With the changes of the map, the safe-lane equilibrium at the start (without severe blocking) is very close to the range of the tower, the current meta off-laners (or most of them) are the tanky melees which are very vulnerable to getting skewered into the tower, and with just a dagger after the skewer, the lane becomes really hard to win.

Being able to double-stack, give empower to the carry (basically a free battle fury) makes this combo one of the most successful and feared combos as of now.

Phantom Assassin is one of the best scaling heroes in the game, but its problem lies in its inability to farm as fast as the other heroes without having its Battle Fury. But Magnus does this best – enabling cores to elevate their farm.

Drow Ranger + Vengeful Spirit

As seen in the highly-scientific picture, this is the duo that has performed the best in the last months based on stats.

Bpzjs Fc
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There are so many things that benefit these heroes – people abuse how strong Drow Ranger is with the new Venge Aura giving more Agility (13) and more Attack Range (125) on top of the hero being a very strong and annoying laner to play against.

The only thing that needs to be done is for Venge to max her passive, and follow Drow wherever she is. Simple right? :)

Riki + Grimstroke

Grimstroke remnants of ascension
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Our third awesome safe-lane duo is probably one of the most difficult ones to play against – Riki with Grimstroke.

Riki is a hero that depends on snowballing (a term used to describe when a hero is on a streak and gets several kills one after another), does not want to AFK-farm, and to be active and aggressive on the lane, and after the lane.

Riki is a hero that naturally wants to close the gap with the enemy hero, and Grimstroke's E is a spell that needs a someone just like that. A very good DPS, plus a Stun at the end means a Riki is always able to jump in and out of fights. That's what makes this combo one of the deadliest on the safelane.

Drow Ranger + Undying

Since Drow Ranger is the top tier carry of the patch, we think she deserves to be mentioned twice in this article.

Und Drow
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Drow with Undying is probably one of the easiest lanes to execute since it doesn't require much for it to work. It's merely the synergy of a really tanky lane bully with a strong range hero that can abuse the space made for her.

This lane has an astonishing 58.35% win rate, probably as a result of it being easy to play and Drow being that good of a hero this patch.

Spectre + Warlock

Last but not least, we have decided to put the lower MMR specialty in the safelane, and that is Spectre with Warlock.

Warlock dota 2
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Main reasons this combo is very strong:

  • Warlock provides Spectre with the needed sustain during the laning stage.
  • Fatal Bonds, Golem and Haunt are spells that work very well together.

It makes for an insane amount of damage as the game progresses since Spectre scales well and is not so hard to execute.

The result? Having almost 59% win rate across all brackets. So think about it next time you pick your safe-lane duo in Dota 2.


Safe-lane duos change as the patches progress. Some get developed randomly, some existed from before but needed some sort of a buff or change to be viable again.

What is key for a safe-lane duo to be popular and strong is ease of execution and the chemistry between the heroes with a common goal between them for the duration of the game.

Don't be afraid to experiment, it's not a bad thing, especially if you do it with a lot of confidence!

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