The Dota 2 Client Gets a Big DPC Update

Dota 2 pro circuit 2021 valve
Dota 2 action every day for the next six weeks! (Credit: Valve Corporation)

Another Dota 2 update went live. This time it’s not about balance but the ongoing 2021 Dota Pro Circuit. You can now follow everything within the client and the DPC app is free!

If you wanted to know all the upcoming matches and watch them from the comfort of your own Dota 2 client we have good news for you. First and foremost Valve released a new blog post giving us more details about the ongoing DPC Winter Season 2021.

The really good part comes next as the Dota 2 client now offers various details regarding matches, teams, and standings.

What’s even better is the fact that the DPC app is now completely free. Previously it required a Dota Plus subscription but that’s no longer the case so what are you waiting for?

Last but certainly not least fans should expect various new cosmetic items and chat wheel voice lines in the next few weeks.

Naturally, you’ll have to purchase these packages but they’re coming directly from your favorite team. We can only guess that a portion of the profit will go directly to the creators. There’s one big question though – Will the items in question be permanent or only limited for the current season? We’ll probably get an answer once they get released.

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