Dota 2: Raising MMR with your DiscoPony - Leshrac Guide

Leshrak loading screen
Leshrak Loading Screen (Credit: Valve)

Adapting your hero pool for the current meta has always been the number one requirement for gaining MMR in Dota 2. Playing Leshrac might help too, so enjoy this Dota pro player Guide for Leshrac.

Leshrac has been known as the hero to spam, and win games alone, for quite some time now. Since he is getting enough attention and pick rate, it's fair that we do a guide about it, and you prepare you for your next MMR journey.

Leshrac dota 2 item guide
The most popular build. (Credit: Dotabuff)

The Basics

As shown in the picture above, you can see that you almost always max your Q and W, since they are your main source of damage. This is especially if the enemy hero is alone, with no other creeps/heroes around, since then is when your W does full DMG (Damage can be split between multiple units).

Itemizing Leshrac usually depends on the pace of the game, being active early requires you to have Eul's/Travels, if the game allows you to get greedy, Bloodstone is a very good option, since the new Bloodstone gives you the Spell Lifesteal.

Leshrac matchups dota 2 item guide
Leshrac Matchups (Credit: Dotabuff)

Hero Matchups and Counters

It's very important to know that Leshrac can be played against any countering-hero, as long as you have full knowledge of the hero, and you have no problems flexing and optimizing your build for that given matchup.

It is true that it is very hard to play Leshrac versus Anti Mage/Nyx, but feels very good to play him versus Meepo and Illusion heroes. In the end, though, if you know your limits and buy Black King Bar early, you can always maximize your potential.

Leshrac taunt gif dota 2 guide
Leshrac Taunt (Credit: makeagif)

Your Role in the Game

It's important to know what your job is, and what you should do, so we will try to explain what Leshrac should be doing throughout the game.

Tower Pusher

Do not forget to force the issue with your edict on the two most important towers in the game, MID and Safelane (Enemy).

Lane Dominator

In order to be a good midlaner, you should always know your limits, and always punish the mid matchups that you are supposed to punish.

Leshrac games dota 2 item guide
It worked for me... (Credit: Valve)


Runes are your priority, calling your Support to help you secure a rune could help you snowball later on in the game.

Got a Haste rune? Bottom lane looking rough? Rotate, help your friends, and treat yourself to a kill or two, it's on the house.

Teamfight BEAST

The more you play Leshrac, the more you will understand that this hero is stupidly strong in team fights, and if the enemy doesn't contain you early, it's devastating for them.

Leshrac ending ideal dota 2 item guide
Your ideal Leshrac ending (Credit: Valve)

Here are some replays that you can learn a lot from, also don't forget to check out our article on How to Properly learn from Replays.

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